Run Family at Little Rock

There were many Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics at the Little Rock Marathon in 2022. This is a compilation of their stories and Photos

Maniacs & Fanatics at the Little Rock Marathon & Half marathon 2022 🎉

Credit Annie Adkins (MM129163, DA2461, HF13772)

Sarita Kinney (MM15083)–Just finished Little Rock Marathon! Great hanging out with a few Marathon Maniacs!

Ryan Garcia (MM14585, DA3508, HF18027)- Completed my 12th state and bucket marathon today at Little Rock. Today was a hot, humid and totally Legendary !! #6run4 #fleetfeetcolumbus #runningisnotcancelled #lrmarathon Little Rock Marathon

JM Gabriel (MM9970)–With fellow Maniacs at the 20th Annual Little Rock Marathon

Paul Vining (MM15580, DA3647,HF18447) & Ryan Westin (MM2848)-Great pacing the 6:15 group in the little rock marathon.

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF18410) Half fanatics race #42 state #24! Little Rock Half Marathon in Arkansas. I also walked the 5K with my mom Saturday so got a ton of amazing bling. This was a really fun race environment with a ton of spectators and course entertainment. We also lucked out with the weather as storms were in the forecast but there was just a bit of drizzle during the race. While I wouldn’t call it a flat course I didn’t think it was too hilly. I didn’t love the course scenery though there were some nice parts but the production and course support more than made up for it. Definitely a race I would recommend

Clair Gladstone(MM12421), Colette Madison (MM7553), Emily Neff (MM15202), Karen Hohertz-Jacobs (MM15430), Lisa Seidel (MM9014, DA699, HF6155), Anne Marie Wotkyns (MM14635, DA3284, HF13128), Angie Tidwell (MM8841, DA698, HF6974), Mannetta Piggee (HF17093), Heather Broyles(HF18438), JC Santa Teresa (MM1883, DA3285, HF17343), Annie Adkins (MM12913, DA2461, HF13772), Michael Hall (MM14514, DA3242, HF16228), Christie Carpenter (HF3501), Misty Currier (HF16668), Sara Porterfield (HF18467), Sue Cook (HF17519), Marie Simmons (HF17094), Alice Jones (HF5556), Stephen Abernathy (MM15688), Teon Taylor (MM12448, DA2180, HF7350), Linda Demaray (HF16716), Rosa Soto(MM14419, DA3184, HF14507), Eliot Ephraim (MM2136), Steph Pendegraft (MM14785), Joanne Blatchley (HF14845), John Pitzel (MM15460, DA3650, HF4598), Lisa Wiedower (HF16948), David Grudzien (HF2764), Amber Pratt (HF18491), Tricia Davis (HF18538),
Aubrey Davis (HF18587)

Photo and post credit (all the people listed above)

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