20 Tales From Medal Monday Chapter 5

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Lisa BeVirt (HF14748) State #47 Lifetime half #50 Mayor’s half marathon in Alaska. My daughter and cousin surprised me with a mile 10 cheer section and a funny sign. They stayed for an hour and a half to cheer everyone in. They had a blast. #medalmonday

Sameer Khurana (HF15807, DA2835, MM13462) Beautiful Medal from yesterday’s San Lorenzo River Trail Run – 30k! First time doing this local race and simply loved it! The course runs across beautiful trails among tall redwood trees with some adventurous river crossing with water level around knee height. To top of it off got 2nd in my AG award so had a fun day running in the woods!

Mannetta Piggee (HF17093) Anchorage Alaska Mayor’s Race
Half Marathon, State # 24!
This hill at the end 😳

Anchorage Mayors Marathon/Half Marathon

Sonja McLean Williams (HF7486) It was great seeing everyone at the race!!! Congratulations! Next up – Detroit Free Press!

Deanna Hitchcock (HF 2720, MM 8760, DA 665)

It felt like everything was against me from doing this race.
Last week, I was running a fever and was diagnosed with influenza A. According to the dr I saw, this flu is presenting worse than the current strain of Covid. I spent over 48 hours in bed, mostly unconscious. I assumed at that point that I would not be going to even the start line.
As this last week progressed, I realized that from my two decades of distance running, my DNA has likely changed. I knew I could finish the race, albeit with lots of walking.
Thursday, I decided to look up the race to verify start time. That is when I realized the course had changed. Drastically. The start line was about ten miles from where I had planned. Thankfully I discovered there was a shuttle from the finish, so I still could do this race without driving my car (personal goal).
Today, the weather was perfection and with it being a hometown race, I know every inch of the trail. I took it easy and still ran a good pace despite not being 100%.
Lifetime race half #87 ✅
For those wondering, this is my favorite version of this race yet. Best course by far. Even better views at the start. Just wish a shuttle wasn’t needed.

Jenny Steen (HF1543)

Anchorage Mayor’s Half Marathon and state 35 complete!

Jackie James (HF17621)

Hey fam❤️🤗 Anchorage half is done!

Barbara Rausch (HF16197, DA3430, MM14998)

Half Marathon #124 this morning at Sugar Daddy Half in Santa Clarita, CA. Fun and well supported race. There was also a 5k, 10k, and kid’s run. I’m on my way to Sun Level! Only seven more races until i’m there. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️Half Fanatic 16197

Jorgina Sanders (HF16456) Half #76 ☑️
SARR Carrabba’s 5K, Half Marathon, and 4-Person Half Marathon Relay
It was hot & humid. 4 loops for the half marathoners. They no of deer all over.

Tim Goedeker (HF16713) Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon & Half Marathon presented by ConocoPhillips Fun event, great venue, beautiful scenery, 44th state half, 57th half
Next Races- MI Wine (Aug13), SD (Aug 28), OR (Sep4), WY (Sep11)
ConocoPhillips, #conocophillips

Billie Melanson (MM15841)

State number ##11
20th marathon
After 12 years of thinking the marathon wasn’t my distance I decided (at age 62) to give it another try in 2016. Turns out Grandmas was my breakthrough race. Since then I’ve run 16 marathons with 7 in the last 8 months and 5 consecutive Bostons . I say … never give up !
Feeling grateful for my health , my friends, Mike ❤️and my Coach that have no doubt been instrumental in my success. ❤️❤️❤️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Excited to sport around my “Marathon Maniac” singlet at San Francisco in July !

Leah Tatyana (HF8349, DA970, MM10185)

It is still Technically Monday in Anchorage! #medalmonday
DA #970 made a return to the pavement for the first time since 2017 in one of the most extraordinary states. It felt great to just be on the course getting in 26.2 miles. State #6 is complete and marathon #7 is in the bag. Mayor’s Anchorage Marathon in the 49th state of Alaska

Amy Michele Lambert (MM12718)

Marathon or greater #159 for me.
Medal Monday. Afton summer solstice 16 hour in Michigan. This 2.2125 mile loop on dirt roads around a lake in Northern Michigan is a total blast. If you have not a done a fixed time event…find one and sign up!
Run when you want, stop when you want…just have fun. 50 miles for me

Billie Melanson (MM15841)

State #11 Charlevoix Marathon 🇺🇸
(20th marathon)

San Francisco’s up next !

Mary Heineman Griffin (MM15631)

State #14 2022 Grandma’s Marathon done. I saw a lot of Maniacs out there. What a great race!

Benjamin James (MM15610)

Mayors Marathon in Anchorage. Scenic but hilly course. Now to finish the rest of my vacation in Alaska.

Cherrine Wheeler (MM14148, DA3072, HF9497)

What a great surprise to come home from a 11 races in 11 states in 11 days series, and find my 50 states trophy, and my 50 states belt buckle (from my husband Mike Wheeler). Next up finishing 30 marathons in one year to finish my Mt Everest and my Legend status.

Brian Joachims (MM2658, DA125, HF843)

Thank you!!!!

Andrew Wetterer -(MM11505, DA3286, HF17342) – Grandmas, Duluth MN

Photos and Post Credit; Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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