20 Tales From Medal Monday Volume 2 Chapter 13

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Jamicka Edwards(HF15931)– #MedalMonday

I FINISHED!!!!!! 06.06.06 ~ A new friend said my time is giving the devil the middle finger. 🤯😬😳☺️
Crazy enough I LOVE that my time is what it is. I’m 100% satisfied this race. I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!
There’s soooo much I have to say….. but I’m busy enjoying Berlin and meeting amazing people from all over the world.
MORE SOON I PROMISE!!!! Thank you EVERYONE for all of your love and positive vibes!!
And as they say……PREPARE TO BE SICK OF ME!! 🤪
I AM OFFICIALLY A BERLIN LEGEND!!!! 😭😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🖤❤️💛🇩🇪

Randy Riley (MM14470, DA3218, HF16432)

Toledo Mini Half Marathon & Quarter Marathon Lifetime Half Marathon #214 Always enjoy putting in miles with Half Fanatics Heidi Marie Hammond (HF18098) who pushed me to my fastest half of the year. This is a point to point race starting in Maumee and finishing in the Mudhen’s ballpark in downtown Toledo. Love finishing in stadiums and this is a beautiful one. I had a fun finish because when I entered the stadium on the warning track I could hear the announcer say, “And here comes Randall Riley from Southington…Wow Randall Riley is 74 years old. Everyone give him a big hand. THIS IS HOW ITS DONE!” I can’t remember every thing else he said but I raised my hand over my head waving at the cheering crowd in the stands as I ran the last 100 yards to the finish line. For a moment I felt like an MVP athlete. So much fun after struggling through the final up hill miles. There are so few things in life that can give the experience of a finish line. 1st place AG and a nice award.

Mary Miller (MM14657) -Jackson Hole Marathon with Jamie Hotrod Miller, Sue Sancio Glass and Tim Brown fellow Marathon Manics! Great day at high elevation!

Amy Michele Lambert – (MM12758) – Goose bumbs 24 hour
This race gives a sweatshirt for a cummulative 100 miles. So i got this my second year. 67 last year, 52 this year. Lifetime marathon or longer #177.

Katina Green (HF12236, MM155380, DA3564) – #MedalMonday…switched up by race distance on Sunday from the usual half marathon and knocked out a full marathon after not having completed one in almost a year. I had the opportunity to run the 26.2 miles through the scenic and fun Berlin Marathon course. It was great running through many historical sites, as well as a lot of the modern areas. Great crowd support from the locals, as well as excellent pro from the race facilitators. It was an overall great experience that I definitely recommend.

Aaron Pendergraft (MM572, DA3529, HF18113) – Medal Monday from Ironman Chattanooga!!!

Randy Woodward (MM15271) –Double Medal Monday

Alexandra Molina (MM15978) – Berlin Marathon was so much fun!

Randell Hansen (MM8508, DA2931, HF16161) – MM #8508/DA#2931 here. Medal Monday as I have completed my first international marathon, the BMW Berlin Marathon yesterday in 3:17:45. Very good course support and great crowds. I was doing good the first half and was on track to finish sub 3:10 but after that the sun and humidity came out and my time started to lag. Overall, I still had a good time. Next in the Majors is London.

JC Santa Teresa (MM1883, DA3285, HF17343) – MM paced the 4:45 group in Berlin. Glad to run with some of my MM friends! Hope to see some you in Chicago in two weeks!

David Andrew Bayley (MM5089) – Medal Monday – been so busy since getting back from Berlin on Tuesday& this time next week an 8 hour flight to Chicago to start my 7th quest for the 50 states (I ain’t finished the second quest but let’s not worry about that 😂 my 7th in Illinois – getting too old for this !

Mark Sanders -(MM15983) – Stevie’s Roost, a 48-hour ultra, gives out chickens instead of medals. I love it.

Merry Mullins (MM15963) – Clarence DeMar Marathon in Keene New Hampshire today. It was amazing. This was my 31st state and my 2nd fastest time.

Scott Hepburn (MM15983) – Beautiful day for a race in Keene, New Hampshire. Had a blast making a bunch of new friends — great to meet all you Maniacs!

Gergory Rouson (MM12723, DA2354, HF8062) – Hi Maniacs! Long time, no post but I’m back now. ☺️
Lifetime marathon #16 and Abbott World Marathon Majors #2…DONE!!! #runforjoy #berlinlegend #marathonmaniacs #MM12723 #DA2354

Jolanta Thorburn (MM15959, DA3742, HF18464) – Berlin Marathon ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kristen Toppin (MM15697) – Berlin marathon 🇩🇪 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

Marcus Carmicle (MM15632, DA3648, HF17428) – Berlin Marathon

Brenda Folkerts (MM15695, DA3674, HF18068) – Cascade Super Ultra 50M

Karen Hohertz-Jacobs (MM15430, DA3716, HF18668) – Jackson Hole marathon for me and fellow maniac, Melissa Hohertz Foat (MM15657) ! Jackson Hole half for fanatic Melanie Hohertz (HF18674)!

Steve Felson (MM5145) – Clarence deMar in New Hampshire. Great race. I even got to pet a pig!

Barbara Buttin (MM15607) – Berlin

Sadie Smith (MM12709) – Berlin

Maria Kasher (MM15600) – Berlin

Lynne Kilirnr – (MM12242, DA2065, HF13464) – Berlin

Sarita Kinney (MM15083) – State #50 at the Great Lincoln Marathon (half) in Lincoln Maine!

Marathon Maniacs ready to rock the Clarence DeMar race in Keene New Hampshire

Arnel Tagle (MM15446, DA3580, HF17894) – Not the biggest Maniac, but I’m here too!

Rebecca Jeffs (MM14597) – Berlin

Julia K Garling (MM3960, DA2566, HF15262) –Berlin

Tommy Craft (MM15655, DA3657, HF17427) – Wonderfully! Happy with my effort!

Shannon Mulcahy (MM16002, DA3755, HF11139) – Loved the race despite a slow day out there!

Sujatha Unny (MM15992) – The best World Major hands down!!! This was my second time and it was even better than the first time ❤️❤️❤️

Andrew Wetterer ( MM11505, DA3286, HF17342) –I’m currently sitting on a train in Germany after finishing Berlin marathon yesterday

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