Two in Two

Gregory Rouson (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) Lifetime half marathon #173…DONE!!! It was wet, and rainy, and a trail half. That’s about it Lifetime half marathon #174 and Cambridge Crab Run Half Marathon #2…DONE!!! Immediately after crossing the finish line and stopping my Garmin, I uttered the colorful phrase “What the f@$k?!?!”; I finished eight minutes slowerContinue reading “Two in Two”

Running the OC

Eddie Hahn (MM184) I was born in Fullerton California in (Orange County). (My parents moved to Oregon when I was 5). After a career as an active duty US Army soldier, I moved back to California (2006). I first read about the OC Marathon in Marathon and Beyond Magazine and identified it as a greatContinue reading “Running the OC”

Maniacs Take On Boston

The Marathon Maniacs were in Boston on April 18, 2022 for the Boston. Here are some of the photos they posted from their experiences Photo and Post Credit, Christine Murasaki Ainsworth, Lynne Kilirnr, Tony Phillippi, Karen Flynn, and the Marathon Maniacs Facebook Pages


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