#runners helping others

Sometimes, you can’t just register for a major race. A runner may need to to be sponsered by a charity to gain entry into a race. In return, they help raise funds for that charity. #runnershelpingothers

Listed below are current Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics who are currently fundraising for charities. If you would like to help them, please follow the link to the individual’s fundraising page.

PLEASE NOTE: The links will take you away from the blog pages to an external site.

Member Name and NumberRaceCharity NameFundraising Page Link
January Barr
St Jude Memphis Marathon WeekendSt. Jude
Jennie Harris HF17091Disney Goofy ChallengeNational Down’s Syndrome Society.
Claire Gladstone
NYC Marathon 2022Fred’s Team (Memorial Sloan Kettering)
Stephen ‘Sven’ Johnson MM4956Chicago MarathonIMERMAN ANGELS
Katie Applegate HF18527Disney Princess WeekendAutism Speaks
Brian Johnson MM8807, HF7287, DA707TCS New York MarathonEJ Autism Foundation
John Pitzel
HF 4598, MM 15640, DA3650.
Chicago MarathonRonald McDonald House Charities
David Johnson HF10823Chicago MarathonRonald McDonald House Charities
Patrick Ritsko MM152072023 Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville MarathonSt. Jude

If you are a club member and want to be included on this list, You must e-mail the club blog mailbox (FB Messages will be deleted). The contact link is below.

Your e-mail needs 4 things to be considered for posting (lets me keep track of it)

  • Your Name
  • Your Member number (I must be able to verify it)
  • Race that you are fundraising for
  • Your Fundraising Link

Thank you!

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