20 Tales From Medal Monday Volume 2 Chapter 11

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Sarita Kinney (MM15083) – Madison Mini half marathon

Lea Reyes (MM13731, DA2891, HF16015) – Long Beach. Some of my best times yesterday. With proper fuel we can do anything. Felt great!

Laurie Weiner (MM15681, DA3668, HF9266) – Goodyear Half Marathon in Akron, Ohio. Half marathon # 141.

This morning was Goodyear Half Marathon in Akron, Ohio. Was worried about the race even happening as we had thunderstorms all night and leading up to about 2 hours before race start. This race is cool as we start on the Goodyear test track, run past Goodyear World Headquarters, and air dock where the blimps use to be built. I have run this race every year and it always proves to be a challenge. Met fellow Fanatic Randy Riley after I finished. Looks like I negative split the … See more

Sandi Guglielmi (HF9218) – Goodyear Half Marathon in Akron, Ohio. Lifetime Half #124

Brenda Folkerts (MM15695, DA3674, HF18068) – Double dipped this weekend…Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon & The Tunnel Vision Marathon. Last long double back to back weekend before my Ultra

Andrea Amend (MM3136) – Madison Mini-Marathon sooooo hot & humid!!

Robert Manon (MM6700, DA431, HF3646) – 265th Lifetime Marathon/ultra, the Redwood Trail Run Marathon.

521st lifetime half marathon, the Lake Merced Half Marathon

Carla Simon (MM14304, DA3133, HF13789) – State number 18 lifetime done on half, full, and ultra marathon journey. Lifetime half marathon number 91. Think first new state have picked up in 2 years since did Boston marathon as had been so focused on all my half ironman training and doing other races but got Minnesota done now. Gopher to Badger half marathon. Bucky Badger didn’t show up but the Gopher mascot did. Race started in Stillwater Minnesota and ended by river in Hudson Wisconsin. Was about a 4 hour drive for me, drove in middle of night to race, ran the race and drove home because am crazy like that.

Guess who just got inducted to the MM HOF?
Congrats Maniac 8075, Karen Murray Anderson!!!

Tonia Dailey Williams (MM14704) – Little Miami, Morrow, Ohio…half.

Jan H. Steenkamp (MM9420, DA787, HF7811) – Ran the full marathon at
E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon, 1/2, 10K and 51K in Rachel, Nevada

Jolanta Thorburn (MM15959, DA3742, HF18464) Madison Mini Marathon, Wisconsin

Marion Breeze (MM15601) – Chasing Numbers – AKA Hawaii 50 Marathon, Egham Surrey

Michael Hall (MM14514, DA3242, HF16228) Run for Dreams 50k in Shelbyville, KY

Alexandra Molina (MM15978) – Camarillo Marathon

Gregg LeBlanc (MM13039, DA2537, HF4564) – MedalMonday, Lifetime Half #236, BlingAndBrew, Migration Brewing, Oregon Road Runners Club – ORRC, Half Fanatics, 100 Half Marathons Club

Gregory Rouson (MM12723, DA2354, HF8068) – Lifetime half marathon #202…DONE!!! Nothing special to say about this one. I’m so, so very tired of running along the C&O Canal trail, ESPECIALLY during the muggy DMV summer months. Oh, well…at least I shaved 3 minutes off last month’s half time on the same course. 🫠 #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #bishopsevents #100halfmarathonsclub

Gina Forestieri (HF18136) – Gopher to badger in Stillwater MN…state 42 lifetime half 50…slower than usual and feeling terrible today… everything hurts 🥲

Jennifer Strohmeyer (HF18777) – The Happy Half

Candy Barnes Alfano (HF17552) – Half marathon #51 Beautiful day in Madison Wisconsin. Course was hilly but hydration was well done!

Teresa Porter Hensley (HF15263) – Goodyear Half Marathon- Akron OH

Jen D’Italia (HF380) – Humboldt Bay Half Marathon in Eureka, CA.

Lynne Kilirnr (HF13464, DA2065, MM12242) – Humboldt bay half in eureka, California

Natalie Uyeno (MM15186, DA3505, HF17314) – SAR Wild Run Half in Shaver Lake, CA on Sunday

Krista Shuler (HF18241) – Jorgina Sanders (HF16456) and I ran the Dragon’s Den Half Marathon today in San Antonio, Texas. This is Half Marathon #98 for both of us! 😃🙌🏻🏁

Erika Howder (MM11339, HF182) – First half marathon in over a year, thanks to some health issues and working too many races. Felt great to get back out there and knock out half marathon #87! 13 more to hit 100 and 9 more states to go!

Half marathon #87 done! I may have wanted to jump in the fountain at the end… #madisonmini #betterthanexpected #ifinished

Susan Morris Skelton (HF2965) – Missed the group photo but took a selfie with this lovely Half Fanatic! #BridgeOfTheGods

Photo and Post Credit Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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