20 Tales From Medal Monday Year 2 Chapter 6

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Carla Frank (MM15305) is in Paris, France.

Marathon Maniacs at the Go! St. Louis Marathon

Ran Roper Jr. (MM15769) – Marathon #25 State #17 done!!

Mary Miller (MM14657) – & Jamie Miller (MM14478)

Go St Louis Marathon with Jamie Hotrod Miller

Gilberto Sosa (MM7904, DA1598, HF12046) – I did my first Go! St. Louis Marathon back in 2014 (#7) and today, 9 years later I completed my 2nd Go! St. Louis Marathon which is my #137 lifetime Marathon/Ultra and on top of that I got another PR as a walker!!! daddywalker !!!!!

Alexandra Molina (MM15978) – Revel Mt. Charleston. My first marathon as a marathon maniac!

Steve Felson (MM5145) – Got a PR in the teeming rain and gale force winds at the Salisbury (MD) Marathon

Jun Ulama (MM12617) – Mainly Marathons Appalachian 7-Day Series, but only ran the last 3 days:
Day 5 in Bristol, TN on Tuesday, March 28;
Day 6 in Bluefield, VA/WV on Wednesday, March 29; and
Day 7 also in Bluefield, VA/WV on Thursday, March 30 (same course as Day 6).
Also ran the Mt. Charleston Marathon in Nevada on Saturday, April 1st to end the week with 4 total marathons.

Elena Smith (MM15097) – 7 mile bridge run in Marathon, one of the Florida keys

Badhri Chakravarthy (MM11055) – Go! St. Louis marathon!

Juliana De Lucia DeVita (MM14985) – Key Biscayne Miami – 1/2 marathon

Eddie Hahn (MM184) – No surprise that many Marathon Maniacs were on hand for the Revel Mount Charleston Marathon, Las Vegas, NV, US.
Fun times by all.
The 4:05 pacer and I ran together off and on. He joked with me that I was really ahead of him because I started in the back of the last corral. Pascal Radley Randy Brinkley Heather Zeigler

Robert Manon (MM6700, DA431. HF3646) -Happy Medal Monday!
Easter Half Marathon double this weekend for me.
Lifetime half marathons 504 and 505.

Katina Green (HF12236, MM155380, DA3564) – MedalMonday…Half marathon #78 was completed on Saturday, at the 13th annual Chi-town half marathon racing event. Although I struggled some as a result of fatigue, it was a fun and easy lakefront course with good views of the downtown skyline and the marina. Great way to knock out another half in one of my favorite racing locations. HF#12236, MM#155380 and DA#3564

Breann Abraham – (HF17515) –Rock the parkway half marathon in KCMO.
I ran the half and my mini me ran the 5k

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891)- Orting Bunny Hop Half Marathon on Sunday. Fun event that was a fundraiser for the Orting Food Bank.

Neko Uhiren-Gilbert (HF18618) -Ran the Cave City Easter Run, half marathon! I loved every minute. It was hilly, almost all gravel and a little tough, but I made it and had a great time!!

Dailyn Valdez (HF18660, DA3732, MM15916) – Another half ✅ in our trying to complete a half & full in every state 😅@carmelhalfmarathon in Indianapolis, Carmel was somewhat flat with nice roads a paved trail cute neighborhoods lots of runner support & hydration with one uphill at mile 7 and then of course close to the finish another hill at mile 12😳 Always a fun experience with one of my running buddies @marshelle_meeks marshelle_meeks #halfmaniacs #doubleagent #carmelindianapolis #fitnessgoals #runninglife #halffanatics#blessed🙏 #medalmonday

Ronita Bland (MM12368, DA2131, HF8514) – The rain didn’t deter me from getting this Anniversary medal!! Another 13.1 done.

Denise Smith (HF8002, DA1839, MM11818) -Medal Monday 91st half at the Mount Charleston REVEL Race Series. Free race pictures are always great. It was great seeing Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs this weekend.

Randy Brinkley (MM12764, DA2381, HF4373)- REVEL Mt. Charleston Half Marathon. Half #127. I tried to organize a club pic but people didn’t hear the anouncement. Everyone was too bundled up from the cold I guess.

Jennifer Louie-Abernathy (HF18047) – medalmonday Total of five half marathons in 35 days with four within 23 days. Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas, Shamrock’n Sacramento, Oakland, Napa Women’s, and Artichoke Pescadero.

Kevin Gonzalez (HF613, DA413, MM6572) – MedalMonday from the Prague Half Marathon, Saturday April 1st (Prague, Czech Republic) 🇨🇿

Photo and Post Credit Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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