Run the Land East vs West Half Marathon

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF18410) – Half #77 Repeat state Run the Land East vs West Half Marathon in Cleveland.

This is a low budget, local race. I was already planning to be in Cleveland in weekend and it was this race or nothing.

It has a cheap price tag of $26.2 and is designed as a low cost option for locals and also doubles as a training run for the Cleveland marathon as they also offered a 20 miler along with 5K, 10K, half and full marathon.

Honestly was not a great race but I get why it was that way to keep costs low. The course was open to traffic and you had to follow traffic laws. It was actually a really cool course that showcased much of Cleveland but the end was in downtown and I had to stop so many times.

I think I lost about 20 minutes at crosswalks. No medal at the end but you get this very cute and funny pint glass.

Everyone involved with the race seemed really nice and they did a good job marking the course but I would really only recommend this race if you are a local and looking for a cheap way to increase your half marathon count or if you are in Cleveland and it’s the only race.

Photo and Post Credit Amy Seagroves

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