20 Tales From Medal Monday Chapter 11

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Maniac Corner at Route 66, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Katy Fetzer (MM13340) Half Marathon #69 complete! Ran the Patriot Challenge in Philly this morning!

Patty Treece (HF8375, DA2239, MM12553) Late to Post #Route66 is always a fun race!!

Bill Scargill (HF8282) Very nice medal from Saturday’s Philadelphia Half Marathon.
It features a Liberty Bell that actually rings! 🔔
The ‘Rocky steps’ are in the background.

Kat Robnett (HF16425) Late to party but did Route 66 5K and half. JPJ is modeling.

Randy Brinkley ( HF4373 MM12764 DA2381) What did I do this weekend.
Hit up 4 Fireball aid stations, 3 Beer aid stations, 2 Jello Shot aid stations, ate some donuts, did a 5K and a Half Marathon, got a couple more medals and saw a bunch of my friends from across the country.
Oh, and I worked our Maniac/Fanatic booth and the Cowtown Marathon booth.
2022 Williams Route 66 Marathon Weekend.
Half #8 on my hip replacement comeback tour.
Half Marathon #121.

Ron Edwards (HF12537, DA3581, MM15448) Frigid temperatures and a hilly course in Rolla, Missouri on Saturday for the Honor Our Heroes half. All runners get the same medal, and the ribbon indicates which distance you ran. I like that. #halfnumber32

Angela Thornburgh ( HF16661) -Had so much fun at Route 66!! 5K Saturday and Half Sunday. Met a ton of cool people and saw lots of old friends, too!! Love being part of this group!! #MedalMonday #HF16661

Suzie Gayhart Coker (HF11134) – MedalMonday Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa Oklahoma!!! I had no idea my hat was sideways 🤣🤣🤣#HF11134

Jen Merkel- (HF18545) Norfolk Harbor Get Nauti challenge – 5k & half. Super cold but way flatter than last week in Charlotte (931 ft vs. 91 ft). I was slow, but I’m sure I hadn’t fully recovered from Charlotte. I did AG place 2nd in the 5k – they mail the awards so…
Lifetime half #16

Heather Ring Jammeh (HF17397) Hilton Head Half Maraton Nov 6. Hot & humid race. But good race!

Heather Ring Jammeh (HF17397) Outer Banks OBX Half Maration Nov 13. No medal for the half or 5k challenge. I signed up almost I year ago so not ok. This was for my NC state. I live in OR. They said maybe will send one. Had you put your name on paper towel both races. Not impressed. Emailed with no responce. Race Cold & rainy and had to change coruse that is the luck of the day. I can deal but no medal not ok.

Katina Green (HF12236, MM155380, DA3564) MedalMonday…Enjoyed another Route 66 running experience with my fellow Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs, as I completed my 74th half marathon. Although the temps were freezing cold, it was a fun experience chit chatting with group members, participating in photo ops and running the hilly and scenic streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also, I always appreciate the awesome crowd support and southern hospitality. HF#12236, MM#155380, DA#3564

Carol Goslin(MM1072, DA190, HF1562) What a weekend I had it was a double half on Saturday I did my half marathon #99 yesterday I finished my #100 half marathon.in my home town. KCMO.

Scott Pearson (HF18577) I am finishing up a weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma where I ran the route 66 half marathon. My 13th for 2022. career half 33. the race started at a cool 25 degrees but with no wind that just made it an awesome day for a race. This course does have some hills but isso much fun to run .

Ron Childress (HF15826) Half #119 in the bank Magic City Half marathon

Cheryl Jensen (HF17536, DA3594, MM15460) Half marathon #239 Pumpkin Spice. And they did have pumpkin pie after the race.

Samantha Grant (HF17864) Route 66 Marathon i did the 5k and half marathon. Tulsa, OK.

Rachel Ross (HF6506) Route 66 Marathon i did the 5k and half marathon. Tulsa, OK.

James Waddell (HF4476) Bohicket Half Marathon Johns Island SC. Still could not escape the Cold.

Tc Mattoon (HF18537) Route 66 5K & Half

Lisa Wilkins Wiedower (HF16948) 50th lifetime Half, today – Hope for the Holidays, Batesville, Arkansas, with good friends. Very HILLY race, 32*, and mixed terrain, but took it slowly. Still placed in my age group.HF#16948 I loved this sign at M12.

Photos and Post Credit; Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics Facebook Pages,

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