Running Route 66

Lyric Camper (HF18055) ROUTE 66 – Tulsa, OK

✅ 15 of 50 States – This weekend I completed Route 66
Here’s the run down:

RACE INFORMATION: Let us just say that the race director and staff did a very very good keeping us informed. Received emails everyday during race week. Well organized.

TRAVEL: Flew SOUTHWEST into Tulsa, OK from Tampa FL. Had connecting flights no issues. It was easy to get around small town for us big city places

Very modern, clean and distinguished in downtown TULSA. The room phone and heat did not work well but you were WARM in your bed. No bathtub and no hot tub

EXPO: Not much to see vendor wise but very organized. EXPO was whack but stayed 4 hours. 😂 – Running joke
You were able to pick up other runners bibs with no hassle

COURSE: This course had lots of short ROLLING HILLS. Plenty of water stations but way more ALCOHOL STATIONS and portable potty were the CLEANEST. TONS of neighborhood spectators cheering us on and block parties for the HALF MARATHON CRS

Love any races that offer a 5K and Half Marathon medal. Who does not like DOUBLE bling for the weekend.
*Finisher Jacket Half Marathon
*5K medal
*Half Fanatic marathon medal
*Event Shirts 5K
RACE PHOTO: Race photos came out nice and a link was sent for purchase
Went to Black Wall Street

Brooks – American nice drinks and decent near hotel
Roosevelt – it is a MUST SEE just beautiful
Outback – we ate as we didn’t want to try any local food before the race
Vault- American nice drinks and decent near hotel

PACING Sarasota Half (FL) – January 2023
Possible Mississippi River (MI) – February 2023
Love Run (PA) – March 2023
April Fools (NJ) – April 2023

Photo and Post Credit Lyric Camper

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