Not the Day I Wanted…A DNF Story

Brian Johnson (MM8807, DA707, HF7287)-July 30th. Burning River 50 mile 202227 miles completeDNF I wanted to do this race to see how I had improved over the last few years with my running. Best answer…not improved enough.This race definitely requires some skill. The Elevation change in this race can get brutal.By the time I wasContinue reading “Not the Day I Wanted…A DNF Story”

Georgetown & Carderock Charge

Gregory Rouson (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) – Lifetime half marathons #180 (Summer Georgetown Half Marathon last weekend) and #181 (Carderock Charge Half Marathon in Potomac, MD this morning)…DONE!!! #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #bishopsevents Photo and Post Credit Gregory Rouson

Loopy Looper 12 Hour Ultra

Rachel Wilkinson (MM15280, DA3706, HF18630) The Loopy Looper 12 hour ultra was a blast! 3.75 mile loops around Cooper River Park in NJ. Do 10 loops and get this awesome bronze skeleton guy attachment for your medal (15 loops for silver and 20 for gold)! There was also a 24 hour race for those whoContinue reading “Loopy Looper 12 Hour Ultra”

Alexa’s Thunder Trail Half Marathon Run

Teresa Vincent –HF16573- Saturday Aug 6th – I ran the Alexa’s Thunder Trail Half Marathon Run in New Jersey.First the good: the race director and the volunteers are so caring and AMAZING!! The trail is absolutely beautiful!! The shirt, medals, and swag are all so fun and cool! This race pairs with #Friend2Friend and 100%Continue reading “Alexa’s Thunder Trail Half Marathon Run”

Akron Trail Half Marathon

Laurie Weiner (MM15681, DA3668, HF9266) – Today I ran Akron Trail Half Marathon. It poured rain for the first 11 miles, then it stopped. The trail was a muddy mess and so much fun! Not many pictures since it was raining so much. My. Goal was to break 4 hours since it was a trailContinue reading “Akron Trail Half Marathon”

Mesa Falls Half Marathon

Randy Brinkley (MM12764, DA2381,HF4373, )- Half Marathon #117 is in the books.Mesa Falls Half Marathon, Ashton, ID. Interesting race.The first 4 miles we ran a downhill trail.Then we hit the highway for the next 2.8 miles gaining 3000 feet in elevation. At the start of the big hill was a road work sign that saidContinue reading “Mesa Falls Half Marathon”

Running in Yosemite

Tina Torun (MM15672, DA3665, HF16109) Medal Monday and I was super happy to start a little earlier, run fast enough and to acquire my Yosemite Half Marathon medal. A lot of folks run it for the PR. I enjoyed the scenery and going to see Yosemite park afterwards. Vacation Race do not take place inContinue reading “Running in Yosemite”

Team Woody at the Indy Mini

Team Woody (aka Team Fireball!) ran Indy Mini this weekend! We had an awesome time! Woody got to “kiss the bricks” thanks to a random stranger on the course who jumped in to help lower his 6’5” body down to the ground and then back up and into his chair again! Woody Michaux- HF#18452 KimContinue reading “Team Woody at the Indy Mini”