Running in Yosemite

Tina Torun (MM15672, DA3665, HF16109) Medal Monday and I was super happy to start a little earlier, run fast enough and to acquire my Yosemite Half Marathon medal. A lot of folks run it for the PR. I enjoyed the scenery and going to see Yosemite park afterwards. Vacation Race do not take place inContinue reading “Running in Yosemite”

Team Woody at the Indy Mini

Team Woody (aka Team Fireball!) ran Indy Mini this weekend! We had an awesome time! Woody got to “kiss the bricks” thanks to a random stranger on the course who jumped in to help lower his 6’5” body down to the ground and then back up and into his chair again! Woody Michaux- HF#18452 KimContinue reading “Team Woody at the Indy Mini”

Running the OC

Eddie Hahn (MM184) I was born in Fullerton California in (Orange County). (My parents moved to Oregon when I was 5). After a career as an active duty US Army soldier, I moved back to California (2006). I first read about the OC Marathon in Marathon and Beyond Magazine and identified it as a greatContinue reading “Running the OC”

Going Iridium at the Pistol Ultra

Brian Johnson (MM8807, HF7287, DA707). One of my goals since I qualified for Marathon Maniacs was to try to level up to at least the Iridium Level. (4 stars) After 5 years of trying I finally got there at the Pistol Ultra/Pistol Creek Marathon in Alcoa Tennessee March 19-20 First, the formality: (yes the bloggerContinue reading “Going Iridium at the Pistol Ultra”

Running in NOLA

Katie Galvin (HF18478) – MedalMonday half #23 and state #16 for me at the Rock n Roll New Orleans 5k and Half Marathon. Got the remix medal and a surprise medal because I did San Antonio in December and didn’t realize there was a San Antonio/New Orleans challenge! Had a great time with a coupleContinue reading “Running in NOLA”

 Publix Georgia Half/Full Marathon Weekend, Group Photo Announcements

Atlanta From Barabara Blackford (MM9635) Atlanta Area Regional Ambassador On February 27th GROUP PICTURE ANNOUNCEMENT PUBLIX GEORGIA HALF/FULL MARATHON WEEKEND, If you are running the Publix Georgia Half/Full Marathon Weekend, make sure to register as your club. (Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics) The club will have a tent and also do a pre-race picture there. The more members thatContinue reading ” Publix Georgia Half/Full Marathon Weekend, Group Photo Announcements”

Callaway Gardens Half

Tricia Davis (HF18538) It’s that time again! On Saturday morning, I added another medal age group award at the Callaway Gardens Half Marathon in Pine Mountain GA It was the coldest race I’ve ever completed with a starting temperature of 17° with the wind chill factor. This is Race #4 of the 70 racesContinue reading “Callaway Gardens Half”