Becoming the Latest Member of the 100×100 club

Van Phan, Maniac 27 Huge Congratulations to our friend Van Phan! Completing 100, 100 mile races! Van is the latest member of the 100×100 club. Van “Pigtails” Phan (100 finishes), age 52 in 2023, from Lakewood, Washington, finished her 100th 100-miler at Hamster 32 Hour Endurance Run in Bellingham, Washington. She began running ultras inContinue reading “Becoming the Latest Member of the 100×100 club”

Running the Bengaluru Ultra 50 K in India

Congratulations to Sivabalan Pandian (MM13150) who recently completed the Bengaluru Ultra 50 K (India ) on July 30, 2023. This was his 714th Marathon distance or longer. From Sivabalan, “Dear all, Successfully Did Bengaluru Ultra 50 K (India ) organized by NEB on 30 July, 2023 .Excellent route of 12.5 K loop with all supportContinue reading “Running the Bengaluru Ultra 50 K in India”

Running the Notchview Ultra

Claire Gladstone(MM12421) – Notchview Ultra (Windsor, Mass.) was an experience yesterday!! The first pic pretty much sums up the conditions 😂 I signed up for this race ages ago with my dear friend and mentor Cathy, who L❤️VED this race and the RD Benn. We had planned to do it together, but as many ofContinue reading “Running the Notchview Ultra”

A Glimpse of Heaven…A Taste of Hell at the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run

Gysel Parajon (MM8995, DA3751, HF18751) –I’m a little late on my Medal Monday, or Plaque in this case, post but here it goes! What an incredible day Saturday was… Where to begin? Two and a half weeks ago I previewed a good portion of the course on a training run for my first 50 milerContinue reading “A Glimpse of Heaven…A Taste of Hell at the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run”

Running The Wicked Worm

Amy Lambert (MM12758) – Marathon or greater # 173Wicked worm 12 hour in Grand Rapids, MiThis was last weekend. Most technical trail run in West Michigan is a good description. This is a 4.2 mile loop. I had so much fun but the one mile part that is not in the woods just heated meContinue reading “Running The Wicked Worm”

“Reload and Try Again”. A Story From the Pistol Ultra

Brian Johnson (MM8807, DA707, HF7287)- This was my third year of doing this event. Before the start of the Pistol Ultra in Alcoa, Tenn. on March 18th, I wrote this. “Since I started ultra marathoning, I have wanted to try doing a 100k (62 miles). There were a lot of setbacks along the way.2020 wasContinue reading ““Reload and Try Again”. A Story From the Pistol Ultra”

The Jackalope Jam 100

Katy Coleman (HF18344)- Jackalope Jam Race Report / My Running Journey Less than 4 years ago, I started running to reduce stress. I was managing our company, a household, and four little ones. I was in a fast-track grad school program, a challenging marriage, and a number of social groups. It’s exhausting just re-reading that…Continue reading “The Jackalope Jam 100”

200 Miles at Across the Years

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789) – 31st marathon/ultra marathon finished lifetime on Tuesday and 6th overall race have ran in and finished 100 miles or more in. I still am not ready to go back to real world yet, and yeah am still tired and laying in bed recovering but two days ago I finishedContinue reading “200 Miles at Across the Years”

First Ultra Marathon at Jacks 50K

Congratulations to Jason Hube (MM12601). He finished his first Ultra Marathon at Jacks 50K Trail Race in Palm Coast, Florida Jason’s Race Report: This #medalmonday is a special one. I finished my first ultra marathon yesterday!!! #jacks50k was no joke. Very tough course on a mountain bike trail which was very curvy and had someContinue reading “First Ultra Marathon at Jacks 50K”

Bear Lake Ultra

Tim Mullican (MM7665) Today was cool and colorful at the Bear Lake Ultra near Lapeer MI. The course was hilly and challenging, but the trails were mostly smooth with the exception of some small roots on the single track sections. I officially completed 34.1 miles with about 3,200 feet of total elevation gain. Photo andContinue reading “Bear Lake Ultra”