Not the Day I Wanted…A DNF Story

Brian Johnson (MM8807, DA707, HF7287)-July 30th. Burning River 50 mile 202227 miles completeDNF I wanted to do this race to see how I had improved over the last few years with my running. Best answer…not improved enough.This race definitely requires some skill. The Elevation change in this race can get brutal.By the time I wasContinue reading “Not the Day I Wanted…A DNF Story”

Loopy Looper 12 Hour Ultra

Rachel Wilkinson (MM15280, DA3706, HF18630) The Loopy Looper 12 hour ultra was a blast! 3.75 mile loops around Cooper River Park in NJ. Do 10 loops and get this awesome bronze skeleton guy attachment for your medal (15 loops for silver and 20 for gold)! There was also a 24 hour race for those whoContinue reading “Loopy Looper 12 Hour Ultra”

The Kettle 100

Rick Albanese (MM11181) – There is just something about the Kettle 100. A 100 mile ultramarathon race that many accomplished veteran ultarunners I respect and admire have not been able to complete for a variety of reasons over the years. The heat and mud years, relentless hills that force you to strategically insert running hardContinue reading “The Kettle 100”

Becoming an Ultra Marathoner

Natalie Uyeno(MM15186, HF17314, DA3505) I’M AN ULTRAMARATHONER!!! Completed 32 miles (a little over a 50K) in under 9 hours!!! Lifetime marathon or longer #8 (1st ultra) is in the books! I was way undertrained, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I was gifted a race entry to the Nanny Goat 12-hour race byContinue reading “Becoming an Ultra Marathoner”

Running the Cruel Jewel

Rick Albanese (MM11181) – RACE REPORT: I’ve been trying to catch up on rest and recovery but wanted to share a bit more from my experience at the Cruel Jewel 56. I knew this race had a reputation as being difficult but I felt comfortable tackling the 56 (58) mile version based on a 28Continue reading “Running the Cruel Jewel”

Marathon Maniac Sets Records and Makes the Times

Camille Herron (MM6488) -recently made the New York Times. read the whole article here. Camille Herron laced up her shoes and set out for a 100-mile jaunt at the national championships in Las Vegas in February. Herron is no stranger to ultramarathon challenges. She has set multiple world records in open-road races and on tracks,Continue reading “Marathon Maniac Sets Records and Makes the Times”

Across the Years (Arizona)

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789) –Finished my 4th lifetime over 100 miler this morning with finishing the Across the Years 72 hour fixed time run in Phoenix Arizona. Not complaining with the over 116 miles I got in along with taking 8th overall female even though my PR for 72 hours is 134 which cameContinue reading “Across the Years (Arizona)”

#Bucklebling in Buckeye

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789) Long post I think am feeling well enough now my head and brain are clear enough to post that I finished my 3rd lifetime over 100 mile race this morning and 10th overall ultra marathon and if count ultras and marathons both marked my 28th lifetime marathon/ultra finish, only thingContinue reading “#Bucklebling in Buckeye”

Eagle Up Ultra

Brian Johnson — MM8807- DA707-HF7287 Eagle Up Ultra28th Marathon or LongerStill Holding at State 164th Ultra MarathonFirst of my 2020 deferrals to 2021 To get here was a struggle. Between breaking my wrist a week before the race and my car dying 2 days before the race, I thought I was toast.Luckily my friend Angie,Continue reading “Eagle Up Ultra”

Mohican 50

(Ryan Garcia MM#14585) What an epic adventure! The most motivating, challenging, and sole searching race I’ve ever done. (Ryan Garcia MM#14585)What an epic adventure! The most motivating, challenging, and sole searching race I’ve ever done. The aid stations were well stocked. There were plenty of spectators at the aid but there were spread out. TheContinue reading “Mohican 50”