20 Tales From Medal Monday Chapter 10

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Ed Brown (MM15793) Great day, great experience, and great people – especially amongst the Maniacs! Thanks to everyone who made this a great experience for me.
Not a PR, but not bad for an old feller … plus I still have legs for MCM!
Chicago Marathon – 3:49:36

Natan Edelsburg (MM15679, DA3703, HF18610) Good luck to everyone running Chicago and great to meet a bunch of you!

Mary Miller (MM14657) Baltimore Running Festival, 2nd age group

Sandy Hugill (MM4436, DA224, HF1955) Good morning from your Mile 10 course marshal at the Columbus Marathon! (S 3rd & Columbus Sts)
— in German Village.

Marcus Carmicle (MM15632, DA3648, HF17428) I ran the Detroit Free Press Supreme Challenge this weekend: 1 Mile 6:32; 5K- 22:24; and marathon 3:50. I did PR my 1-mile and my 5K, which has not happened since 2019, but no PR for my 34th marathon. Next up Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in three weeks.

Tommy Craft (MM15655, DA3657, HF17427) Today I ran my 151st half marathon in Detroit. I ran my personal goal for 13.1 miles, but the course was long, which officially showed I did not run my goal. My official time was 2:21:44, and I’d hoped to be under 2:20. Either way I was happy with my time. Indy in three weeks!

Kerri Haskins (MM1336, DA836, HF8724) 202nd marathon or ultra..200+ local marathon celebration. Baystate Marathon & Half Marathon. What a day 🙂 Although was having a tough go at it at 6:08 finish..enjoying it with family, friends and GLRR was epic. And I can not forget Andy Schachat announcing my finish. Ty. Special shoutout to Sharon Peterson and Carolyn Snyder from GDTC who cheered me on at the finish, and Roy Van Buren who was the best support. And my family out there as well 🙂 Rick Haskins Kathleen Dumais and my parents 🙂

Michelle Cox (HF17353) Half 99✅🏅🏃🏻‍♀️ Had an amazing time for my 4th official Good Life Halfsy(last year was cancelled mid race)! It was not normal temps with start in 60’s finish in 80’s and I believe it was rough due to the weather! Talked my friend into signing up and she didn’t train so she’s hurting rt now and probably mad at me, but I’d do it again! I miss my 50 state friends already and so happy I got to see them again! Also saw Dr. Steen (awesome teacher and juggler)! Until next year @goodlifehalfsy

Patty Bishop (HF12118) Nothing is more satisfying then having friends around that share the same goals, accomplishments and milestones when you complete yours. It’s a wonderful feeling of celebration and beautiful pride. Thank you for all the support on social media, all the clubs I enjoy being a part of and most of all my family. I couldn’t have done this without you all.… Cheers to the Victory!

Amanda Daniel (HF17686) I grabbed two states this past weekend- Yippee-Ki-Yay Half in Iowa, and the 2022 Good Life Halfsy in Nebraska!! Great weather for both, although a little warmer than I had expected and planned for- just thankful for no rain! States 36 and 37 done. Next up, the Golden Gate Half in SanFran, CA!

Jolanta Thorburn (HF18464) Two half marathons in one weekend. State 20 and 21 in the books! @yippee_ki_yay_races in Council Bluffs, Iowa and @goodlifehalfsy in Lincoln, Nebraska. #medalmonday

Samuel Z. Lafaye (MM14775, DA3342, HF15562) Medal Monday. Completed my 7th Marine Corps Marathon.

Robert Manon(MM6700, DA431, HF3646) 485th and 486th Lifetime Half Marathons completed this weekend at the Monster Dash Double.

James Waddell (HF4476) Viking Dash Trail Half Marathon Hell Michigan.

Laurie Weiner (MM15681, DA3668, HF9266) Haunted Forest Half Marathon in Canal Fulton, Ohio! #MEDALMONDAY

Dani Shown (MM8045, DA565, HF4557) Finished Day of the Dead Half Marathon this morning. Nice easy stroll as this was my taper and last long one before NYC next week. Lots of people out there today and lots of costumes. Had a lot of fun. Nice race and very nice race organization (Dead Running).

Gina Forestieri (HF18136) Well i survived my first back to back(#20 and 21)… we’ll see how my ankle and foot feel tomorrow… i did not play it smart and do walk/run intervals… even was 7 minutes faster today at the good life halfsy in nebraska than yesterdays yippee ki yay half in iowa… loved both races… was amazed with the Great crowd support for the Halfsy… i blame all the complete random stranger’s cheering me for pushing too hard🤣🤣… fingers crossed no damage done🤞

Mannetta Piggee (HF17903) Two more states complete, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I think that makes 31. Whatever the number here are my receipts and a few pictures of the beautiful fall colors in Pennsylvania and the night view of Atlantic City. Headlamps needed in Pennsylvania as the “end of the road” included running through 2 tunnels with only miniscule lights to illuminate the way, but your girl was ready. The pavement was a treacherous mix of uneven surfaces, gravel, rocks and smooth surfaces. There was of course the occasional puddle or wet spots in the tunnel. Saw a young person on the payment who had fallen, which was all I needed to see. “Safety first” is what I told myself, you’ve got to do this again tomorrow. Finished without injury and able to transition to Atlantic City for the end of packet pickup the same day.
Got a call in route that our Atlantic City hotel rebooked us to another hotel due to incomplete construction issues. Fortunately it was within 5 minutes of the start line. The forecast in Atlantic City called for rain all day but we were blessed with favor and only had a few sprinkles. The wind on the boardwalk picked up during the last 3 miles helping to push me through mile 11. I was so happy to see this finish line, goal achieved. At that point I was ready to roll out of New Jersey, which is why they’re no pictures of the Jersey shore. Well that about sums it up. Oh I almost forgot the Philly Cheesesteak I had at the airport in Pennsylvania, so good I had to order one to go.

Kirk Anton (MM15274) is with Kaden Anton and Brittany Anton (MM15275) at Marine Corps Marathon. Finished Marine Corps Marathon today with Kaden . It was a beautiful course and fun run. We are so proud of him 🏃‍♂️

Gilberto Sosa (MM7904, DA1598, HF12046) Kansas Rails to Trails Marathon.
Second lifetime 50K completed!!!!! #DaddyWalker

Photos and Post Credit; Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics Facebook Pages,

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