20 Tales From Medal Monday Year 2 Chapter 5

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Whoop whoop 🙌🏽 it’s another one #130 at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. RunnergirlsNC on the road again getting it done.
Half Fanatic #7613 #7024 #18688
Anita Burns, Charlene Mercer Board, and Renae Larson (Janet)

Dailyn Valdez (HF18660, DA3732, MM15916) – Got to experience a small super welcoming different type of marathon with one of my running besties Claudine. New Mexico Chili Peppers series Marathon was an out and back flat 1 mile in 1 mile back. You put a rubber band on your wrist when you came in. Needed 12 for 26.2 😜Warm windy at times .Great runner support with lots of hydration and snacks 🙂 Woo 🙌🏼Hoo #state#8 #marathonmaniacs #doubleagent #runninglife #goals #medalmonday

Maniacs at Zydeco Marathon start— in Lafayette, LA.

Pascal Radley (MM2051).-Myrtle Beach Marathon complete in 4:30:08 which makes South Carolina state #33 for 50 states marathons x7 and overall #427.

Kassandra Coan (MM15759, DA3694, HF18593) -Broadway at the Beach. Myrtle Beach, SC ·

Maniacs/Fanatics at the Atlanta Publix Marathon

Katina Green (HF12236, MM155380, DA3564) – MedalMonday….Knocked out HM#76 at the Lisbon, Portugal Race event. Beautiful and scenic course that started at the 25 de Abril bridge (reminiscent of the San Francisco golden gate bridge) and continued for a few miles along the bridge, before hitting the streets of Lisbon and finishing up in the beautiful area of Belem. Since Lisbon is a very hilly city, I appreciate the race facilitators outlining a fun flat course. The race drew participants from all over the world. It is one I definitely recommend to others. HF#12236, MM#155380, DA#3564

Jules Mann (MM3509, DA475, HF4294) & Mihaela Mann (MM9676, DA832, HF4295) -medalmonday #halffanatics Fanatics 4294 and 4295 checking in! Dizzy Daze Endurance Run 25k for us. Woody medals and wine glasses for finishers!

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891)- Double duty this weekend. St. Paddy’s Day Tacoma Half on Saturday, which felt tough, but a fun event with great swag. Bonus was receiving a 5th in age group ribbon.
Sunday saw the super fun Oscar-themed Red Carpet Run Half in Orting. Friendly event, which was a fundraiser for a local runner doing the London Marathon. Fabulous aid stations and a fabulous hand-crafted medal.

Kevin Gonzalez (HF613, DA413, MM6572) –MedalMonday from Lisbon, Portugal and Half Marathon #194 in the books at yesterday’s Lisbon Half Marathon

Barbara Rausch- (HF16197, DA3430, MM14998) -The Shamrock’n Half today in Sacramento is half number 160. I always ask myself why I run these races. The answer is for my health and to see friends. The rain held off and it was a fun day. I forgot that I had I AM SUN printed on my bib in celebration of hitting Sun Level last year.

Karen Flynn (MM4024, DA158, HF1043) & Dan Delino (MM4049, DA161, HF1058)
at Run Through Redlands. First time running this race and it was awesome, even though it was all hills! This was my 5th YTD & 193rd lifetime half marathon

Katie Galvin (HF18478, DA3721, MM15882) -Ran the Inaugural Annapolis Running Festival Half Marathon on Saturday and enjoyed getting to run through the downtown area by the water. But It was hilly and windy!! Pretty sure I looked like I was running like Phoebe from Friends getting hit by the crosswinds coming down the bridge towards the end 🤣 and the finish line kept being blown down so the finish line was down by the time I crossed 🤷‍♀️ For an inaugural event, it was pretty good!

Sarita Kinney (MM15083) -Annapolis Running Festival Half marathon

Craig Smith (MM4430) – Zydeco Marathon, Lafayette, LA

Charlotte Corriher (MM3514) – Hit a milestone of #250 at Peytons Wild and Wacky 50k

Tim Mullican (MM7665) – I ran a windy Jackpot Ultra in Henderson, NV on Saturday. Spent most of the day relaxing and exploring Boulder City on Sunday before flying back home last night.

Bina Bol (MM10831, DA1129, HF965) – I ran Monument Valley Ultra this weekend & it was mt 1st! It was great & I managed to take 2nd in my Age Group too!

Douglas Myers (MM13982) – Conquer the Rock 50k

Ron Edwards (HF12537, DA3581, MM15448) – Time to Paddy, St. Charles, MO. Half #33 and my highest overall finish (third) in a field with only 49 runners.

Jacqueline Schreiver (HF17811) – Time to Paddy half in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jorgina Sanders·(HF16456) – Half #87 completed @ Alamo 13.1

Photo and Post Credit Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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