10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 16

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Eddie Hahn (MM184)–Mesa Arizona 4:20 pacer, Since there was no assigned official pacer T Shirt, I wore my yellow Maniac Singlet. Also a plus, free race pictures.

John Colvard (MM13439) — Sorta medal Monday for me. Ski to the Sun Ski Marathon on Saturday for me. They had no finisher medals so I am posting the race beanie and logo from it. I have done several ski races up to 10 miles and multisport ski events (winter tri/biathlon) but never marathon distance for a ski race. This was challenging with over 2000′ of elevation gain and very icy slopes that were difficult to get grip climbing and controlling the few descents on the race!

Ilse Berube (MM15780) –State 26 …. Marathon 27….Great start…HOT and crampy ending but ARIZONA ✔️

Gilberto Sosa (MM7904, DA1598, HF12046) – Lifetime marathon #107 completed!!!! A rainy one!!! — at Publix Florida Marathon.

The Marathon Manaics/Half Fanatics before the Mesa Marathon/Half Marathon

Marie McFadden (HF9877) — 5KBR / Mercedes Weekend. Medal Monday! Good course, very cold.

Robin Fichtelberg — (HF6054) –My first in-person half marathon since August 2019. I placed second in my age group – since there were only two of us! Half crazy half marathon, Irvine, CA

Jessie Abraham (HF9690) –MedalMonday It was a very cold and windy start to the Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon, but I am so excited and fulfilled to have completed my lifetime #99 half marathon. Next up 💯 at #atlantamarathonweekend #runcityusa

Victoria Carroll (HF16390) — Victoria Carroll finished Half Marathon #500 running the Lovers Half at Fairfax Station, VA. Congratulations

Aubrey Davis (HF18587) (written by Tricia Davis) It’s #MedalMonday! And, I collected 2 medals this weekend! 3rd place age group medal at the SuperBowl 5k in Columbus GA on Saturday. And my husband Aubrey and I also completed the Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon in Birmingham AL, and received that coveted medal on Sunday! This was Aubrey’s 3rd half this year which qualifies him for Half Fanatics! He applied for membership last night. I’m really proud of him! #HF18538 #7of70

Photos and Post Credit; Eddie Hahn, John Colvard, Ilse Berube, Gilberto Sosa, Andrew Zgrabik, Marie McFadden, Robin Fichtelberg, Jessie Abraham, David Larson, Aubrey Davis/Tricia Davis

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