10 Short Stories from Medal Monday

September 13th Edition

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 of them, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Paula Jamieson HF6154

Happy Medal Monday – Revel Big Cottonwood Half marathon in Salt Lake… Cannot say enough good things about how awesome this race is: the course, support, shirts, bling – a must do. Bonus medal from the 50 states 1/2 marathon club and also the trophy for finishing all 50 states. Utah was not a new state for me but half #79 in the books!

Bob Jennerich HF18504

Honor the Fallen to remember the victims of 9/11. Pancakes were a bonus! Officially became a half fanatic with this race.

Kris Hunt HF17899

State #30 race #59 #medalmonday

BIHHalf was a top 3 best race in my book. Do this race!!!

The course is closed so that the only people you encounter are runners and the Amish community—they show up for cheering, water stops and pacing!
The people were incredible and what an honor to participate in a race that gives you a front row seat to see the Amish farms, community and families. The water stops were beyond adorable with the Amish children cheering and smiling. What a thrill and the medal was so much better than expected. There is pride and craftsmanship in everything they do.
HF# 17899

Gregory Rouson #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354

Lifetime half marathon #151 and lifetime Bishop’s Events race #100…DONE!!! This morning was one of those races where I felt REALLY good and didn’t struggle (I ran the first 8 miles without walking) but still finished slower than I did on the last two half marathons on this same course. I guess “feeling good” means I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I’ll know for next time. Oh yeah…I also got my 100 Event Bishop after the race. 🏆 #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #RunInBlue #ForTheFallen #purposefulsteps #neverforget #bishopsevents

Amy Seagroves HF 18640 –MM 15648 — DA3652

Double New England Half Marathon weekend!!
Saturday was half fanatic race #29 and a repeat but one of my favorite states the Maple Leaf Half Marathon in Vermont. This was a very hilly but very scenic race with beautiful mountain views
Sunday was half fanatic race #30 and state #16 the Surftown Half Marathon & 5K in Rhode Island. This was one of my all time favorite half marathons. It was an extremely well produced, lovely, mostly flat beachside run. My joined me in RI and walked the 5K while I did the half
Overall these were two great races. Would recommend either or both of them!

Laurie Weiner HF9266

Completed half marathon # 118 yesterday at Amish 2021 Amish Country Half Marathon, 10k & 5k. This race is growing and such a challenging race. If you like hills, this is the race for you!

Jodi Gibson Moore HF13699 MM12047 DA2110

Marathon #48 (and my first one in 22 months)
Good to be back running with the Maniacs! It’s been way too long 😎
4th overall female & 1st in age group.
MM #12047 DA #2110

April Hayes MM9216

My first in person marathon (and race) since March 2020 at L.A.M.
Yes, I’m out of shape. Yes, I ran slow, and yes, I’m dealing with a painful charlie horse in my left shin as I’m typing this right now, but I FINISHED THE RACE.
Surf City 2021!

Luis Jimenez MM9073 DA1240 HF11212

Medal Monday! Cowabunga Beach Mile…Friday! Surf City Marathon on Saturday! Grand Prix 5K on Sunday! My body is still on fire!

Main Maniac #3 Tony Phillippi

Jenn Shaffer HF10000

Vince Davis MM9555

A couple of RDs and a runner at Tunnel Light Marathon. It was great seeing all the Maniacs out there today! I can’t wait to lace em up in Boston and actually run a marathon this year too.
— with Vince Davis and Jenn Shaffer.

Photo and Post Credits Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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