10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 3

September 27th Edition

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 of them, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Lisa Braesel –HF18508

So excited to finally qualify to become a half-fanatic !! Tried in 2020, but due to the obvious, most of my races were cancelled. Happy to complete them in 2021 and get back to full races !!

Tina Torun –HF16109 MM15672 DA3665

Kenai River Marathon is a small local race in Kenai/Soldotna AK- full, half, 5k. I had run the Equinox Marathon the previous weekend and my goal was to become a Marathon Maniac. 7 hour time limit and I had just barely recovered from the previous marathon. The race is small 46 full runners, but only 36 marathon finishers. The half marathon had 66 finishers. The course was well marked and the aid stations had water, powerade, fruit. I was excited to see that my MM/HF friend Susan Marie Craig helped mark the course and there were chalk messages for me! Go Tina! The weather turned out great 27F at the start, went up to 44F, sunny, compared to 2 yrs ago when it was pouring rain and I got soaking wet during the half! Not many runners around me, so I had to mentally stay focused on finishing! At least, a few times I had friends cheer me on the route at mile 3.8, 5, 17, 22, 24, 25 and at the finish. I passed one guy at mile 21 and ended up coming in at 6:44:44 to meet my goal and become a maniac! They saved me a reindeer sausage at the finish! My friend Mae became a Half Fanatic at this race, after I told her she would qualify! HF16109 MM15672 DA3665

Kelly Hardy HF13295

It’s not a running medal, but this was what I did over the weekend that I had been training for the last several months.
Now, back to my running… next half is in November- that’s plenty of time to get back up to half readiness, right?

Randy Riley HF16432 DA3218 MM 14470

Today’s Akron Half Marathon was my 200th long distance race. 175 Half’s and 25 Fulls. After 11 or 12 years of running this race I finally placed with a 3rd place AG. Back in May I ran a Half in Kansas and met a great Kansas couple. Just before the start of today’s race I ducked under the security rope to get in a starting queue about halfway back, stood up and someone said, “Randy”. 8500 runners and I was standing right beside the couple from Kansas. Great to see and run with Kris Mueller and Dr Hailey Clemons Mueller in the green shirts and Dr Rachel Rielinger. Always nice to catch up with Half Fanatics Heather Black Laurie Weiner and Mike Varga.

Glenn Richardson MM14162 DA3076 HF16007

73 miles at the Hot Rod Ultra 24 hour.

Charlotte Corriher MM3514

Yeti100 with Rhonda Orr Luevano. How on earth this girl put up with me for another 100…I’ll never know but I’m forever thankful for her friendship !

Andrew Wetterer — MM11505 DA3286 HF17342

No medal, but wedding ring “earned”

Glen Marumoto MM7111 DA841 HF8781

It was a strange Berlin. Small crowds and didn’t run into any Maniacs. Wasn’t the result I was looking for, but I did finish.

Amy Lambert MM12758

Quad cities was my #151 lifetime marathon. My husband did the half so he waiting at the finish. I think he took my best finish line picture ever. Next up Cave Lake Marathon in KY in two weeks, on my birthday.

Ruthie Maldonado-Delwiche HF17679

Mother Nature sure did cooperate today. Perfect weather for the Hoka Chicago Half Marathon. Had a blast with my sole family. Course was changed a bit due to construction … but once again I loved it. Spectators were amazing and it was an amazing way to welcome the end of summer. #muuvment #runningfromparkinsons #runnersover60 #fitlifehappylife #halffanatic

Post and Photo Credit Ruthie Maldonado-Delwiche, Amy Lambert, Glen Marumoto, Andrew Wetterer, Charlotte Corriher, Glenn Richardson, Randy Riley, Kelly Hardy, Tina Torun, Lisa Braesel

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