10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 7

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 of them, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Jason Dennis (MM15649)

MEDAL MONDAY: Here’s a funny story about how my Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego marathon went a week ago, making CA my 16th state.
I missed my turn (didn’t see the sign) and stayed with the half marathoners. So did a few other guys. We had to turn around, and I added 5+ miles extra…at No extra charge $$ 😂. I ended up with a 50K+ or 31.7 miles. This ever happen to you?

Maurice LaFond (MM13948)

I have to brag on this guy, Maurice LaFond he pace me in my fourth marathon yesterday and his 31st at the Haunted Forest Marathon. I had knee surgery 26 months ago and this was to be my longest distance since then. In the last month he paced a friend at Akron, me in a 20 mile trail race, and ran Chicago.

The race didn’t go as planned for me and I decided I would drop at half and told him to go ahead and finish the full if he wanted.

At mile 11 we came upon a runner down and stopped to offer aid until the ambulance arrived, glad we had our space blanket with us.

He dropped me at 3:25 and still went on to finish the full in under six hours and placed 3rd in his age group.

Next on our list, Honolulu just got approved so in six weeks we get to celebrate our 46th anniversary running!

Jeffrey Ward (MM 1741)

Marathon #110 completed this morning along the Towpatch trails in Canal Fulton, Ohio….the Haunted Forest Marathon. Cool temps and flat course with the leaves turning colors made this race enjoyable.#medalMonday

Robert Wang and Les Omura (MM180)

I met Maniac 180 Les Omura after the Haunted Forest Marathon in Canal Fulton, Ohio just now on the shuttle bus to the parking lot.

It turns out he hosted the Buca Di Beppo Maniac dinner at Ala Moana the Friday night before 2015 Honolulu Marathon that I attended with Martha Corazzini.

Amy Lambert (MM 12758)

We had a blast at Ultra Bird 12 hour endurance in West Olive, Mi. We walked 34 miles to celebrate our 34th anniversary. #153 lifetime marathon done. If you have not done a fixed time event sign up now. So much fun even in the rain.

Billie Lunsford (MM14361, DA3160, HF13784)

Seen this young lady struggling with leg cramps on the course of the Haunted Forest Marathon in Canal Fulton Ohio. Luckily I had some extra mustard pkts to give her. I found out after she crossed the Finish line this was her FIRST Half Marathon. So of course a Double Agent just had to welcome Christine to the crazy FUN😊😊

Donna Adams (HF18019)

After 2 years of being off due to medical issues.
I did the Houston Half.
My goal was to start, finish & get the big BLING in the allotted time!
Bam 💥 Goal accomplished!
Thanks Houston!

Justin Kleinfelter (HF16132, DA2923, MM11489)

Haunted Half in Marietta, PA. The course had to be changed at the last minute because of some flooding. I’m told it was “only” ankle deep…but I’m glad they altered it as I think we would have needed kayaks to stay on the original route. Still, it felt good to out and be with fellow runners. #medalmonday

Jennie Harris (HF17091)

Full marathon #7 yesterday at the flying pig full. It felt amazing to run once again in myHometown, but wow was it tough. Makes me realize how much I really love the half distance. I will officially also be a marathon maniac next Sunday assuming I finish the la marathon. Think happy thoughts for me that my legs recover from all the hills and I can finish next weekend

Amy Seagroves (HF18410, DA3652, MM15648)

Half Fanatics Race #34 state #19 race #90 of 2021 Savin Rock Half Marathon in CT! This race normally takes place in March but I liked it in October as the leaves were changing color. Scenery included both some nice beach views and some nice views of the trees through town. Course difficulty was mixed with the first and last few miles flat along the beach with a very hilly middle through the town. Production was pretty good except the roads were open and I thought a few areas were a bit tight though never felt unsafe. Also no food due to covid. Overall solid race for Connecticut

Post and Photo Credit; Jason Dennis, Debbie LaFond, Jeffrey Ward, Robert Wang, Amy Lambert, Billie Lunsford, Donna Adams, Justin Kleinfelter, Jennie Harris, Amy Seagroves

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