Flying Pig Half Marathon

Joanne Blatchley (HF14845)

It’s Medal Monday and here is my medal from the Flying Pig half marathon in Ohio.
This race is usually held in May but it was rescheduled due to COVID. Both the Queen Bee and Flying Pig events were combined and held at the same time.
Many runners were dressed as ๐Ÿ or ๐Ÿท but since it was held on Halloween this year, there were plenty of other costumed runners.

The weather was perfect.
About 50 at wakeup and during the wait for the start and a bit windy but nice. By the time I finished, the sun was coming out to say hi and the temps were close to 60.
The start was held right outside Bill Brown Stadium (Bengals) and it was a pleasant surprise the gates were open so runners could hide inside out of the wind/cold and use the restrooms with an actual flushing toilet.๐Ÿคช
The race itself was a great experience. The course itself is a really good course. There are a few up hills sprinkled in but they are challenging without being too hard (slow and steady). In fact, I walked them all but after a little past mile 9, it’s downhill time. There are water stops aplenty along with Gatorade. Its the crowd support that makes this race amazing. There is some group at every mile handing out something, from tissues (huff and puff station) to cookies, Pringles, orange slices, pretzels and then Twizzlers.

The bling is awesome too!
Kroger is one of the sponsors so the post race snack bag is full of snacks and then of course there are bananas, oranges, apples, granola bars, fruit cups and even pizza slices and don’t forget your free beer.
The expo is what I washappy about. It was nice to see a “real” expo again. Actual race vendors and not just a few or only vendors that wanted to clean your gutters or put a new roof on your
The race swag was pretty nice too. Of course you got your performance LS race shirt but also a magnet, a poster, and a neat backpack.
I’m not one who usually likes race repeats unless they are local but I would definitely do this race again.

Photo and post credit Joanne Blatchley (HF14845)

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