Celebrating A Weekend of Accomplishments

Being a Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic, we always have an accomplishment or goal to celebrate at the end of each race weekend. Congratulations to Lynda Tilley (HF16400) and Pascal Radley (MM2051). This past weekend, Lynda Tilley (HF16400) Completed her 100th Half Marathon. Pascal Radley (MM2051) completed his 49th State! From Pascal, “Finished the BigContinue reading “Celebrating A Weekend of Accomplishments”

Finishing Another Round of 50 States

Congratulations to Karen Anderson and Kerri Haskins who finished another round of 50 states this past weekend at The Big Beach Marathon in Alabama. This is Kerri’s (MM1336, DA836, HF8724) third round of 50 states. This is Karen’s (MM8075, DA576, HF5492) fourth round of 50 states. Congratulations to you both! Photo credit Kerri Haskins

Maniac & Fanatic Pace Team at Strawberry Plains

The Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Pacing team was in action on January 28th in Tennessee. They took a quick photo before the Strawberry Plains Half Marathon. Photo Credit Julie Maxwell

Maniac & Fanatic Pace Team in Dallas

The Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Pacing team was in action on January 28th in Texas. They took a quick photo before the Too Cold to Hold Half in Dallas on January 28, 2023 Photo Credit Chris Bouchard

Run Family Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long

Before we race, we like to do a “Family Photo” if we can. The Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic Run Family can be found at races all over the country. They took a quick photo before the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long Race Series in Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday, January 21, 2023. Photo Credit Christabelle Carpenter

Running the 3M Austin Half

Joanne Blatchley (HF14845) – Medal Monday, HF 14845 This weekend I checked Texas off the list!I ran the 3M Austin 1/2 Marathon.My excitement and expectations were high due to the big name sponsor, and everything is always bigger in Texas. I will honestly say this race left me disappointed overall.The expo was held at theContinue reading “Running the 3M Austin Half”

Pacing at the Carlsbad Half

Natalie Uyeno(MM15186, HF17314, DA3505)– Lifetime half marathon #240 is in the books! ✅ The In Motion Events Carlsbad Half was my 2nd lifetime half back in 2018. I was so impressed with the spectator support and course support that I fell in love with the city of Carlsbad and this race! ❤️Who would’ve thought thatContinue reading “Pacing at the Carlsbad Half”

Lake Samish Half Marathon

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891)- My first #medalmonday of the year. Lake Samish Half Marathon in WA. This is a low-key event hosted by the Greater Bellingham Running Club. 2 laps plus a small dogleg round the lake on open roads with enough hilliness to keep it interesting. (The race builds it as mostly flat,Continue reading “Lake Samish Half Marathon”

Running the Rock n Roll Arizona Half

Katie Galvin (HF18478, DA3721, MM15882) – #medalmonday I had a great time completing the Rock n Roll Arizona 5k and Half Marathon this weekend. Half #34 and state #22 for me! A little stressful ahead of time when I found out that they didn’t complete the transfer of my registration from the canceled Atlantic CityContinue reading “Running the Rock n Roll Arizona Half”

A Case of Deja’ Vu at the Louisiana Half Marathon

Tricia & Aubrey Davis (HF18538 & HF18587) – It’s #medalmonday and I can’t let this day go by without showing off my bling from the Louisiana Half Marathon and 5k! Aubrey Davis and I just got home from Baton Rouge, where I placed 2nd in my age group in the 5k on Saturday and 1stContinue reading “A Case of Deja’ Vu at the Louisiana Half Marathon”