At the Center of the Nation Series

Bryon Solberg (MM12350) Medal Monday.From my Birthday Week.Three new-to-me marathon states ( #23, #24, #25).Marathons 250, 251, and 252.**Nebraska: about half shaded trail and grass. A verypretty park. 🙂**South Dakota: W.W.W= Wet, Windy, and Without-warmth by a lake that I am sure is very pretty on a summer day.**Montana: by a very pretty lake onContinue reading “At the Center of the Nation Series”

Happy Birthday Marathon Maniacs!

On May 25, 2003, Marathon Maniacs was born. Here is the story of how that happened. We are Steve, Chris and Tony, running marathons and beyond is our passion. The more races the better. It all started on May 25, 2003. After completing the Coeur ‘d Alene Marathon, Steve Yee, Chris Warren, Tony Phillippi &Continue reading “Happy Birthday Marathon Maniacs!”