20 Tales From Medal Monday Volume 2 Chapter 8

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Jill Britton (HF14534) – I found Elvis. He was in Fargo all along! 😆
Kicking assphalt, one state at a time. State 34 and lifetime half marathon 79. #medalmonday #EssentiaHealthFargoMarathon #RunFargo

Robert Manon (HF3646, DA431, MM6700) – La Jolla Half Marathon for Medal Monday.

Renee Goodman Acors (HF18530) – MedalMonday .. Did Bay to Breakers in San Francisco .. did the bonus too ..

Gregg LeBlanc (HF4564, DA2537, MM13039) – BlingAndBrew

Why Racing Events Reflection Run Half
Winch It Out Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
Barrel Mountain Brewing
Lifetime Half #230
100 Half Marathons Club
Half Fanatics

Charlene Mercer Board (MM7024) – It’s medal Monday and I’m thanking God for allowing me to complete my 98th Half Marathon even thought I had the “I don’t care attitude” because of all the rain in Lexington, Kentucky Saturday. I understand that the Earth needs rain so it was just one of those suck it up races.🤪
HF# 7024

Samuel Z. Lafaye (HF15562, DA3342, MM14775) – Completed my 74th half marathon in the Marine Corps Half Marathon.

Lan Castle (HF1723) – Green Bay half in the books. Nice day for a run. This Florida girl thought the weather was awesome. The locals thought it was hot!

Tim Goedeker (HF16713) – Montana Marathon- half marathon #69 on the way to 100 – beautiful scenery, hills not too bad, loved the low humidity too. And a bonus, 3rd in AG 😮. This race is a must do & lots to enjoy in the Billings, Montana area too.


Carla Simon (MM14304. DA3133, HF13789) – BQ and 32nd lifetime full marathon/ultra finish. Today I ran my first full marathon since Boston 2021 as did Cellcom Green Bay marathon because had been so focused on all the ultras and half ironmans so hadn’t had any fulls in my schedule. I stuck with 5 hour 30 minute pace group for first 20 miles but my issues with heat got to me a little so had to walk the last 6 more than would have liked but still was able to run some and it still got me a good enough time to get me an athlete with disabilities Boston qualifying time so it worked ok hoping can go next year depends on if could get anyone to stay with or help share costs and help me get around big city as had in 2021 because trip is costly.

Amy Sea (HF18410, DA3652, MM15648) – Half #83 repeat state Mystic Half in Connecticut. I was a little nervous about this one because it had a 3 hour time limit but I was in New England anyways this weekend and worst case would be diverted to 10K. Luckily weather was great (except some humidity) and I was feeling good so I finished a few minutes under the time limit. The first half of the course is great with views of Mystic and pretty flat. The second half is a little more boring just on quiet streets with lots of hills and pretty woods. This is produced by Hartford Marathon Foundation who always do an excellent job with production. The finish is at the aquarium and I loved the sea turtle medal. Overall I’d say this is a very good race. Nice choice for Connecticut if you know you can finish under 3 hours. I do wish there was a longer time limit as I’d prefer not to have the stress of making the cutoff.

Meghan O’Gorman (HF14020) – New state and race complete at the Fargo Marathon! I went with my local running group from Dallas/Ft Worth and had a great time. Saw a lot of Manaiacs/Fanatics/DAs. Congrats
to all who ran!
5k and Half ✔

Jan Steenkamp (HF7811, DA787, MM9420) – 3Länderlauf Half-marathon in Basel, Switzerland

Gina Forestieri (HF18136) – Harpers ferry half in West Virginia… amazingly beautiful area… and hilly😱

Jen Merkel (HF18545) – St. Michaels Running Festival – half marathon, St Michael’s, MD

Jamicka Edwards (HF15931) – Historic Half – Fredericksburg, VA. It was my first time running this race and after careful consideration and a little nap… I WILL DEFINITELY run this one again next year!🔥 #RunWithTheMarines

Greg Schake (HF18680) – Sioux Falls Skeddaddle Half marathon, Fargo Half Marathon, Fargo 5k, Furgo dog run (part of Fargo Marathon week) Fargo cyclothon.

Julianna Hays (HF12427) – San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12k, plus the bonus 3k

Rae Antenucci (HF9486) – Another Run the Bluegrass finisher here. 11 year streaker and lifetime half 118.

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891) – Capital City Half Marathon, Olympia WA. Loved the race and my bib number!

Jorgina Sanders (HF16456) – Front Porch Days Races
Half #91
Before the race, it was raining. The rain stopped just before start time but was humid. We had 2 challenges. One was to take a shot of pickle juice. The second was to go down a slide. The last 2 miles I slowed down. I was aiming to get at 3hrs or just under but at least i finished. I tried to keep up with Krista Shuler and Shannon Schwarze. Some times I did, fell behind then caught up again. I even ran up to them and scared them 🤣🤣

Dailyn Valdez (MM15916, DA3732, HF18660) – St.Joseph MO half marathon ✅ #mainlymarathons #doubleagent #halffanatics #MedalMonday
Good times 🙌🏼🎶with good friends ♥️

Craig Smith (MM4403) – Medal Monday. Did 3 marathons in 3 states (Iowa, SD, ND) in 3 days last week. Three medals and a shirt.

Dan Hagerty(MM12021) – “Medal Monday!” I beat a tornado 🌪️, “that’s a first!” 15th marathon in the bag!

Beach to Bay Corpus Christi!

Merry Mullins (MM15936) – Queen Bee Marathon in Billings Montana this weekend. Running away with a second place finish in my age too! Yes!!!!!

Keith Reinhold (MM15191) – Green Bay Marathon. Lambeau lap.

Erica Sanders-Hurst (MM7182), Hank OnThe Hill (MM14044, DA3029, DA16561) – and Penny Martin Wilbanks (MM15295, DA3642, HF18435)

Marathon #71/State #46… DONE… And what a good time I had along the course with these folks… 😄 #MM7182
— at Essentia Health Fargo Marathon.

Jason Burns (MM7591) – Fargo!

Tina Torun (MM15642, DA3665, HF16109) – Gold Nugget Triathlon- 400 yards swim, 12 mile bike, 3.25 mile run

Penny Martin Wilbanks (MM15295, DA3642, HF18435) – Fargo! Great weather beautiful and fun course! Loved this marathon!! And did the 5k too!

Sandi Googs (HF9218) – Cleveland Marathon 5K, Half Marathon and 16.2 challenge medals. Lifetime Half #119 ran in Cleveland, OH!!!

Sarita Kinney (MM15083) – Marine Corp historic half marathon

Nicole DeBord (MM15101) – You Betcha I was in Fargo!

Hank OnThe Hill (MM14044, DA3029, DA16561) – Mainly Marathons Prairie Series; 8 Half Marathons in 8 days in 8 states.
5K at FarGo Marathon and FarGo Marathon.

Sadie Smith (MM12709) – Representing for the MM up in Fargo this weekend ❤️

Photo and Post Credit Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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