20 Tales From Medal Monday Volume 2 Chapter 17

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Pamela Truelove-Walker (HF14860) – State #37 completed in Manchester, New Hampshire!

Lan Castle (HF1723) – Despite the heat and humidity, I was able to finish first in my older age group. St Pete Run Fest is an awesome weekend. On Saturday they have a 10K and a 5K and kids runs. Not to mention local mascots run and a dog run. On Sunday they have a half and dance party afterwards. I have done it every year and the weather was the worst this year. But, I’ll be back again next year. The course is runner friendly, lots of water/gatorade on the course, and this year they had a pickle and a cobbler stop

Vicki Sue Merry (HF67, DA23, MM888) – Chickamauga Battlefield half – #191 half/ultra.

Dailyn Valdez (MM15916, DA3732, HF18660) – Great race Angela Casavant & AMPT Running CoAnother epic half with awesome friends🙌🏼 13.2 dedicated to all our Veterans 🇺🇸Thank you all for your service. This race helped the Irving police dept. Way to go Mecca Dedmon& Marshelle Alexander Meeks #medalmonday #halffanatics #doubleagent #marathonmaniacs
— feeling happy.

Mannetta Piggee (HF17093) – Last 3 half marathons of 2023. Island Pond, Vermont (September), Baltimore, Maryland (October) and Warwick, Rhode Island (November).
The Vermont race is free but if you want a shirt or medal you will have to purchase it. Book your room early so you have a choice of where you stay. Lodging is limited. The towns people are very friendly. Make sure you join the karaoke night advertised by the race, it was a great time! The city manager is Noah, originally from the midwest via Illinois and Missouri. Thanks for making us feel welcome. Race is small and the hills are rolling with one heartbreak of a hill at the end.
The Maryland race is pretty big. Try to stay in Inner Harbor so you don’t have to struggle with race day parking. Lots of crowd support in this one. There are rolling hills but it’s a nice course. Lots of good restaurants around.
The Rhode Island race was small. Stayed near the airport in Providence and drove 35 minutes to race. Race is small, no frills. Water stops are 50% unmanned and there is no crowd support other than other runners. Course is pretty easy. Manutuck Beach may be worth visiting for seafood. Too cold for the beach but I took a couple pictures.

Randell Hansen (HF16161, DA2931, MM8508) – Medal Monday. Completed the Half-Marathon at yesterday’s Clarksburg Country Run in 1:29:29. The Half was very competitive as it was the Pacific Association USATF Championships. Very good, well organized event south of Sacramento.
Next time I’ll run the 30K.

Melony Berling (HF8572) – Checking in for #medalmonday !! Completed the half marathon in Madison Wisconsin, super windy. Then added 4 more to get my distance for my full training.

Gregory Rouson (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) – Lifetime half marathon #207 and Richmond Half Marathon #3…DONE!!! We couldn’t have asked for better weather this morning. I ran my fastest half in over a year (2:09) with zero expectation of doing so. It’s like I always say…I’ll take it. 😉 #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #RunInBlue #ForTheFallen #purposefulsteps #wearblueruntoremember

Amy Seagroves(HF18410, DA3652, MM15648) – Sort of a double half weekend for me! Saturday I did the Rocky Run in Philadelphia. My mom did the 5K and I did the Italian Stallion Challenge (5K + 10 miler) so even though I technically didn’t run a half marathon and it won’t count, I did run half marathon distance. As a fan of the Rocky movies I loved this race. It’s a big race and everything is Rocky themed and so much fun. You will hear the Rocky soundtrack so much you will get very sick of it by the end. The 5K is flat and the 10 Miler is flat except an evil hill in the middle called Mount Drago which was actually one of the most fun parts of the course. Other than this race not counting since it is technically not a half marathon, I would 100% recommend this race especially if you’re a fan of the movies
Sunday I completed Half #103 Run the Vineyards Cork High Bottle Deep Half in repeat state NJ. This race is about 35-40 minutes from Philly and worked great as a double. Overall I thought the race was good but wouldn’t call it a must run. It was very flat which was great. Course was a bit boring as a lot was just an out and back on a paved trail. But it was well organized and had a good after party. It’s a solid choice for NJ

Patti Randall Krebsbach (HF629, DA99, MM2584) – Veterans Day Run Half in Peoria, AZ (had to get in the Seattle Mariners spring training, since they’re my home state team).

Tina Torun (MM15672, DA3665, HF16109) – Val Nolasco Half Marathon Honolulu, HI

Robert Manon (HF3646, DA431, MM6700) –

528th lifetime half marathon was the Temecula Half Marathon.

529th lifetime half marathon was the Silver Strand Half Marathon

Gretchen Tapp (HF2402, DA812, MM9550) – Run the Bay half marathon!

Gina Forestieri (HF18136) -,Arizona veterans half, my son is active duty Navy, and my other son is a Coast Guard veteran, this year they honored the Navy, so I could not resist, got second in my age group even though there was only three people, again, the only advantage to being old

Tammy Campbell (HF18582) – Veteran’s Day half in Peoria AZ

Jen Merkel (HF18545) – Carmax Richmond Half Marathon – lifetime half #29. One more to the big 3-0 and to level up!

Lorinda Hagstrom (HF13328, DA1981, MM3865) – Manchester Marathon, NH! Beautiful but cold! Oops, just realized I posted in the HF thread instead of MM! Oh well – post run brain clearly!

Taryn Rivera Buckley (HF6578) – Madison Marathon- Wisconsin’s capital!

Susan Werner (HF4572) – Half 104 cork high bottle deep

Dani Shown (HF4557, DA565, MM8045) – Outer Banks Half, Nag’s Head, NC. Got the BIB and the medal and finished the race. Well organized, well marked etc. I’m sure it’s a beautiful area, but couldn’t tell with the pouring rain, hail, winds gusting 30-35MPH. But hey, its done 🙂.

Natalie Uyeno (MM15186, DA3505, HF17314) – Mainly Marathons Southwest Series (NM, CO, UT, AZ, NV & CA). NM was State #41! 😊

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891) – Orting Turkey Trot Half Marathon. This is a fundraiser for the Orting Food Bank. Here I am with fabulous race director, Kandi Lowry.

Marathon Maniacs at the CMC Manchester City Marathon 11/12/23.

E Del Favero (MM11749, DA2901, HF16046) – Medal Monday
Day of the Dead double Las Cruces New Mexico – Dead Running
Bears Ears Blanding to Bluff Utah
Mainly Marathons 6 days 6 states
AZ Veterans race Peoria AZ

David Dassey (MM96) – Athens Authentic Marathon

Eddie Hahn (MM184) – Medal Monday. I only ran 1 marathon in 1 state in 1 day. Props to the six marathon six half marathon and other finishers of all events. Mainly marathons SouthWest Laughlin NV. Thurs Nov 9th.

Jason Dennis (MM15469) – MedalMonday: A week ago, I ran 2 marathons in 2 days (for the first time) in 2 states – Farmington NM and Durango CO with MainlyMarathons, now halfway through 50 stare journey.

Time to sign up for the next 26.2…

Bryndís Svavarsdóttir (MM3942) – This is the first medal Monday for me.. I’ve always bragged on race day.. This time I am not down to earth yet from last Saturday.. when I finished the 50 States for the 3rd time.. I finished first time in Wilmington Delaware, second time in Helena Montana and 3rd time in Richmond Virginia..

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