20 Tales From Medal Monday Year 2 The Little Rock Edition

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics that ran the Little Rock Marathon/Half Marathon, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Angie Bush Winstead (MM13695, DA2861, HF13211) – Little Rock Marathon 10K

Neko Uhiren-Gilbert (HF18618) – Medal Monday: LR Marathon 5k and Half challenge. Weather was perfect and the group photo was awesome!

Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Family Picture

Christabelle Sapphire Carpenter (HF3501) – Little Rock 5k, half marathon #96, and a challenge medal. 47 yrs old….feeling about 80 yrs old the day after. #MedalMonday

Judy Laufman (HF17502) – Along with a number of other #halffanatics, I loved the Little Rock Half Marathon this past weekend. Superbly well-organized, “groovy” expo, great course support, gorgeous weather and a “unique” finisher’s medal. A great weekend of exploring Little Rock’s history and tasty food & drink. State #32, LTHM #58. #EveryMileIsAGift #halffanatics #teamintraining #LLS #medalmonday 💜💚

Patty Treece–( HF8375, DA2239, MM12553) – #MedalMonday Little Rock 1/2

Jennifer Clark (HF16743, MM15623) – Half #231 is in the books!

Amy Bannick Griffin (HF18161) – Little Rock 10k and Half Marathon! Another great weekend in the books and I got to spend time with people from my running club.

Scott Pearson (HF18577) – What a weekend. This weekend I escaped from the frozen tundra and went to Little Rock Arkansas to run a 10k and a Half Marathon. The weather was gorgeous. 48 and no snow at the race start each day. I actually had to put on sunscreen today! This gives me 14 different states and 34 total Half’s. If you get the chance I would highly recommend running in little rock. The medals are truly ginormous plus they have an awesome design. The race is very well put on and the town turns out in support. The only downside is that it is definitely not a flat course. Be prepared for elevation change. The back half of the half route has a bunch of climbing. I also did a little sightseeing while in town. I toured the world war two submarine uss razorback. It fought in both world war two and Vietnam. It was being upgraded during the Korean war. Very cramped quarters for those who served. They also had a tugboat which was in pearl harbor during the December 7 attack. Tomorrow I return to reality. If you can believe it, it is snowing again back home.

Humberto Beto Guzman (HF18700) – littlerockmarathon2023 great event. Love the support of everybody. I enjoy it great times.

Ron Nmi Childres-(HF15826) Little Rock Marathon half done. It’s the warmest it’s been since I started running this race Half #127 done.

Christy Bates Marchel (HF6302, DA3667, MM15677) Little Rock

Joline Cox (MM15462, DA3619, HF18373) – I had crazy fun this past weekend running the Little Rock Marathon. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely my favorite marathon.

Mary Miller (MM14657) – Little Rock Arkansas rocks!

Dasa Raghavan (MM13535) – #medalmonday Little Rock Marathon!

Claire Gladstone · (MM12421) – #medalmonday I’m always so happy when I have a medal to post on Monday!!! Fun in the streets of Little Rock!! Hills, blisters, but most importantly, fun with friends while running 26.2 miles!! Little Rock Marathon is always a ton of fun!!!

Dailyn Valdez (MM15916, DA3732, HF18660) – This run is Dedicated to my precious dog Walnut💙 who I just loss 🥲I ran strong for you in your honor RIP 🙏🏼my sweet best friend See ya later Little Rock Arkansas green Tall trees homes in cliffs pretty small homes cute little Downtown Enjoyed the Little Rock Arkansas marathon had lots of runner support with hydration fruit gels jolly ranchers pickles oranges bananas and awesome spectator support Saw a few Marathon Maniacs on the course & cheered them too 🙌🏼💪🏼Crazy incline at split and more hills 😜Ran with the 4:30 fun pacers till mile 11 until I had to go potty again lol 10 min pace my goal was to finish by 4:45 which I did at 4:39 yay! Mile 25 all up hill kicked my butt .That’s when I walked a bit ugh I turned and met up with one of the 4:30 pacers he was having some hamstring issues 😞 We finished together 🙂 Found Andrew my pacer from the Miami full at the finish too :)I PR’d and got to ring the bell huge medal lol Another epic adventure with my wonderful hubby and amazing running bestie So dang proud 🙌🏼Tony Valdez rocked out the half Marshelle Alexander Meeks & myself knocked out another marathon! Woo hoo🎉 #marathonmaniacs #DoubleAgent #Arkansas✅ #50stateschallenge #medalmonday

Len Kehoe (MM15851) – Little Rock Marathon

Lori Joas (MM15495) – Little Rock Marathon #medalmonday

Badhri Chakravarthy (MM11055) – Little Rock, AR!

Jun Ulama (MM12617) – Double marathon weekend!✌🏽 Myrtle Beach Marathon, South Carolina and Little Rock Marathon, Arkansas.

Julia K Garling (MM3960, DA2566, HF15262) – Little Rock Marathon was lifetime marathon 287 and my 4th marathon in the state of AR.
I was excited to get to pace the 5:00 group but the real reason for the trip was to attend the 50 states marathon club quarterly reunion.
I was awarded my 50 X 3 trophy amongst my peers. Only 84 people have completed a marathon in all 50 states three times and I am grateful to be one of them. Some call it a tribe, some call it a network, some call it a club, I call it a family.
Being surrounded by my family, getting recognized for finishing a goal I set for myself in 2006, this was a very special trip for me. I love reconnecting with old friends at these reunions and making new ones alike.
The marathon itself was so much fun. Congratulations
to everyone who ran yesterday, the course was more challenging than I remembered it and it definitely was hotter than it was the first time I ran it.
The people that came out and support the runners were just so incredibly kind to us. So many goodies, bananas, oranges, pickle juice, to name a few…
I am thrilled to be 27 states into round 4 and already looking frwd to next year’s reunion in Tulsa at route 66 marathon in Nov 2024. #littlerockmarathon #lrmpacers #marathonmaniacs #50statesmarathonclub #pacerjulia #marathon #runlove

Photo and Post Credit Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook Pages & Julia Garling

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