Tales From Medal Monday Chapter 4

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Patty Bishop – (HF12118) Well it only took #192 half marathons to place in my age group today. Honestly I still can’t believe I came 2nd place but I’m proud to hold the title. Just so you know I was in the beer garden when my name was announced and shocked as hell I went through the fence to get up on that podium and represent with no race number because I took off my gear at the table, lol…

Jason Brown (MM15800) – Thunderbunny Trail Races Thunder Combo 11K + 50K. The last 10K was on the same section of trail that we raced on Friday night in the rain and then was also the first 10K of Saturday morning… by the third time through it was very slick. Also nearly all of the single track portion of trail slanted to the right so probably 30K+ of the race left leg was on higher ground. Not really much of an issue when dry but having right foot slide out so frequently caused left leg to constantly have to catch yourself when slipping and to provide most of your forward propulsion. Left leg was significantly more fatigued at end of the race. Would have been nice to run last 10K loop in the opposite direction.

Maniacs and Fanatics and the Pro-Football Hall of Fame Marathon/Half Marathon

Amy Lambert (MM12758) Island time 24 hour makes marathon or greater #158. Recovering from a potential stress fracture in my foot so we walked it. My husband did his longest ever 50 miles. Just keep moving…

William Aaron Warren (MM13299) -Medal Monday – Wisconsin Marathon! Great course, great weather, and Great time! Highly recommend!!

Jeffrey Ward (MM1741)-Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon….marathon #111….rained like crazy! Saw a number of friends!

Kerri Haskins (MM1336, DA836, HF8724)- Eugene Marathon rocked!! Highly recommended 🙂.

Jodi Gibson Moore (MM12047, DA2110, HF13699) BMO Vancouver Marathon. 10th (and fastest) time running it. This was my first marathon in 1987…now I’m at 53. Great race, beautiful day, love going back to my hometown.

Carla Frank- (MM15305) Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Today I was the bug. It just wasn’t my day at the Avenue of the Giants Marathon. But I did finish 20.2 of the 26.2 miles, so I’m taking credit for finishing both the half marathon and the 10K races. #reframing
No cause for concern. Everything is fine. I just wasn’t feeling it today. Stay tuned and follow my next adventure…

Amy Maciejewski (MM9429) Medal Monday state 10 for the Eugene Marathon is done! Now to plan my next state!

Jessica Dobbeleare (MM15827) It’s Medal Monday and I managed to pull off the trifecta of marathons in one month!!! 🙌

🏅Go! St Louis 3 APR (state #7)
🏅Kentucky Derby Festival 30 APR (state #8)
🏅Cincinnati Flying Pig 1 MAY (state #9)

John Colvard- (MM13439) – 4 medal trip with marathon states 45 & 46 on this racecation. Pro Football Hall of Fame last weekend, Pittsburgh Marathon yesterday. Pittsburgh offered the Steel Challenge with 5K on Saturday & Marathon on Sunday. Next state for me is Baltimore in October after 2 years of deferrals. Then ND, ME & GA in 2023.

Roy McHaffa – C&O canal 100 Miler. 2nd 100 in 6 months.

Chrissy Yamada- (MM3142) That finish line feeling at today’s Eugene Marathon – My 60th Marathon and my husband’s 31st.

Amy Rollins (MM15278) – 2 years in the making, so glad to accomplish this!

Carla Simon (MM14304, DA3133, HF13789) Wasn’t a marathon or ultra but raced in the Cactus Man Sprint triathlon this morning, was my first triathlon of this year and think my first time doing a triathlon with an open water swim since did the Lifetime Olympic tri back in September 2019, it didn’t go too bad either as did swim in 22 minutes, bike in 57 minutes and run in 37 minutes, overall my finish time was around 2 hour 4 minutes if include transitions.

Kassandra Coan (MM15759, DA3694, HF18593) & Chris Ballesteros Kassandra Coan finish her 1st official ultramarathon today!!! She ran strong through ALL 32.5 miles. Most of this race was under the hot sun. The best break from the heat was when we ran through the creek.

Dani Shown (MM8045, DA565, HF4557)-Indy Mini today. Second time doing this one and what a fun race. Now on to MT for a Spartan tomorrow.

Half Fanatics at the Indy Mini

Patty Bishop – (HF12118) Finished Half Marathon #194 over the weekend, at the “Yosemite Half Marathon”, in Bass Lake, CA….

Thank You Rachel Ross for volunteering and medaling us finishers….

Photos and Post Credit; Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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