10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 4

October 4th Edition

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 of them, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Nathan Jeffrey HF18515

Belated, and long, first ever half fanatic post, and first #medalmonday post 🙂.

While running my second ever half Mud Mountain Dam Marathon Sunday, my wife was talking to a gal who mentioned if you run 3 half marathons/full marathons, within a certain time period, you can qualify for some marathon maniacs club…

Did some googling and found you all; and also found me completely my 2 half marathons ever, within 14 days, is more than crazy, it’s half fanatic crazy 😬.

Good to see I am not the only one

Sharon Peerenboom HF3407

“YOU are a Jackass!!!” proclaims the announcer as each person approaches the finish line. Jackass Half was great!

Linda Snell HF18475

Not quite #medalmonday , however yesterday my dog and I walked 8 miles…. furthest I’ve walked since my accident on July 25! Can’t run yet, sadly, but it felt great to walk this far again!

Karen Flynn MM4024 DA158 HF1043

#MedalMonday#MotivationMonday from my 64th lifetime marathon & 47th state run in my quest to run a marathon in all 50 States at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 10/03/21 (with a bonus age division win too)! #RUNtoREMEMBER#hylandspowered#teamhylands#hylandsambassador#sponsored#orangecrushMarathon ManiacsMarathon Maniacs San Diego, CA50 States Marathon Club#RunningSkirts

Sadie Smith MM12709

I won the Half Marathon at Mo Cowbell this morning!

I won my last three marathons as well 😉! (Anchorage Runfest, Apple Dumpling Festival Marathon in Elroy, WI, and Albuquerque Marathon.)

Gilberto Sosa MM7904 DA1598 HF12046

Lifetime MARATHON/ULTRA #100!!! At the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon !!

Sue Stevens MM12891 DA2452 HF8593

Inaugural Mud Mountain Dam Marathon – fun course with great volunteers, that somehow still felt like hard work. Third place in age group ribbon (yes, there were only 3 of us) 😉

Jeane Stebleton MM11811

My takeaways from the The Hennepin 💯 this weekend…

*you are tougher than you ever imagined
*the joy of accomplishment is indescribable
*race people are the most beautiful uplifting souls
*most importantly..embrace those who lift you up and let go of the ones who don’t!!!

Michelle… my bestie for more than 30 years and I don’t deserve your devotion sometimes..: Mark thank you for your patience and having my back (literally as I walked backward for a mile to try to loosen up my back)
I am so blessed.

Btw bottom left pic is me refusing ambulance to go to the hospital 😆. Yes..I looked that horrendous at the end.
— with Mark Plate and Michelle McKinney Weemaes.

Natalie Waller HF9449

Did the Bear Trail Half marathon yesterday in Delaware for state number 47! My first ever trail half 🤗

Lisa Greenwood HF13097

Covenant Health Knoxville 5K on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday. In the half, I improved by 55 minutes since my half at Victor Ashe Park in January 2020, and my time was 18 minutes faster than the last time I did the Covenant Health Knoxville Half Marathon in 2019! I am NOT a great runner, so this made me so happy!

Post and Photo Credit; Nathan Jeffrey, Sharon Peerenboom , Linda Snell, Karen Flynn, Sadie Smith, Gilberto Sosa, Sue Stevens, Jeane Stebleton, Natalie Waller, Lisa Greenwood

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