20 Tales From Medal Monday Chapter 9

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Melinda Langlois (MM12242, DA2065, HF13464)

Berlin marathon ✅
Next up: London

Rowena Martinez (MM7704, DA2467, HF14885)

Had fun!! Great support. Tons of bananas and apples at water stops!!

Evelyn Watkins (MM6845, DA1266, HF11327)

Some of the maniacs at Berlin marathon

Julia K Garling(MM3960, DA2566, HF15262)

Thank you London for the most epic journey; I am so grateful to have paced this Incredible race & helped many first timers reach their finish lines today. What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what we leave woven into the lives of others. #londonmarathon2022 #pacerjulia #marathonlife #marathonmanaics #pacerlife #100marathonclub #DestinationMarathons #runlove #runningmotivation

JM Gabriel (MM9970)

Finished, lifetime Marathon/Ultra #111, State 34 (second round)
— at Mud Mountain Dam.

Sue Stevens (MM12891, DA2452, HF8593)

Took a break from running Half Marathons by running the Leavenworth Full Marathon this morning. 😁 Bonus finisher glass for 3rd place in age group award (no prizes for guessing how many were in my group… Hey, you’ve got to be in it to win it!)

Jennifer Clark (HF16743, MM15623)

Had a great time seeing everyone Wednesday in Lewiston ID! I needed the state and Mainly Marathon came to the rescue! I wish I could have done the series but David and I will have to go back next year! What a beautiful area!
I had a great visit with my son and his family in Seattle over the weekend and during the week! The oldest grandson, Aaron, accompanied me to Lewiston and did a 5K! He even drove most of the way! It was nice being chauffeured!
Second round State #48 done! Half 218 in the books!
The final two with be New Mexico and Nevada! That will be done in November as Dave and I do the Mainly Marathon Southwest Series!!

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF18410)

Half Marathon Weekend full of hills with Half #56 Amish Country Running Festival amish Saturday and Half #57 Rochester Half Marathon & 5K plus Kids 1/2 Mile today. Both in NY state. This is my third year doing Amish Country Running Festival. It is a small race with a ton of hills but great scenery through farmlands of southwestern NY and adorable Amish children and farm animals cheer you on. I included some pics of the farm animals too. This was my first year doing the Rochester Half Marathon. It is a very scenic race through beautiful parks with lots of fall foliage but also lots of hills. Next week is another B2B with NH and Maine Half. Hope to see some of you there

Dani Shown (MM8045, DA565, HF4557)

When your race in Clearwater, FL is canceled due to Hurricane Ian, you go do the local race you were super bummed to miss because it was a 50th Anniversary Race. Finished Portland Half Marathon this morning and then did another 5 miles as I’m supposed to be doing 18 miles ramping up for NYC. Hope everyone in Florida is safe and doing ok.

Charlene Mercer Board (HF7024)

When your race at Holden Beach, NC is canceled due to hurricane Ian, you call your running partner ( (Anita Burns ) and convince her to jump in your car and drive 6 hours to ATLANTA in hopes of being the first one at packet pickup to get one of the final bibs leftover from online registration!
We hit the road at 4AM and arrived at 10 AM, thank God we wear able to register and run The Race . It was a well put together race but boy oh boy will those hills KICK BUTT ! We ran with the 2:45 pacer ( we ran a 2 minute run 30 second walk) and he was amazing, he talked to us the entire race.
The last two miles of the race killers, they almost kept me from making it in on time🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️
The post party was magic❤️

Scott Pearson (HF18577)

Half marathon 29 this morning. Palace city half marathon in Mitchell SD. This is a great fall race in South Dakota. A smaller race but well organized. I met up with maniac. Tim Mullican and had a great time chatting as we ran the course. Nice fall colors were on display as we ran the countryside.

Carla Simon (MM14304, DA3133, HF13789)

Got it done today, last real long run until Ironman Arizona 70.3 October 16th. Ran in the Bellin womens half marathon this morning. I paced myself and stuck with the 2 hour 40 minute pacer and did their 2 minute run and 40 second walk intervals which worked well for me enough that was able to pass them towards end and finish in 2 hours 38 minutes about and still felt good after finished so definitely love when they do have pacers in race that have experience as it definitely helped my race more so than trying to do the run/walk thing on my own as had a better time by like 7 minutes compared to the half had ran the previous week.

Jolanta Thorburn (HF18464)

Base 2 Space. Space Needle Climb. 832 steps, Seattle, WA

Gilberto Sosa (MM7904, DA1598, HF12046)

My first marathon in Mexico and in my hometown!!!
Maratón Saltillo completed!!!!!

Two maniacs at St George Marathon. I saw more on the course.

Erica Sanders-Hurst (MM7182)

tbt Yours truly claimed State #40 this past Sunday, September 25, 2022, in Omaha, Nebraska… I even met a new runner friend and fellow Marathon Maniac Ron Clay… This race was GREAT… It ranks in my top 10 of the 64 marathons I’ve run… 🤩 #MM7182

Jun Ulama (MM12617)

Medal Monday! #berlinlegend
BMW Berlin Marathon 2022

Jaime Wilson (MM15805, DA3701, HF17493)

That’s Montreal done!

Jan H. Steenkamp (MM9420, DA787, HF7811)


Erika Hamel (MM15031, DA3437, HF17711)

Berlin Marathon!

Steve Felson (MM5145) Berlin

Dan Smith (MM13727) Berlin Marathon

Ron Edwards (HF12537, DA3581, MM15448)

Also Berlin, my 18th and slowest road marathon. The people in the medical tent at the end were super nice! 😂

Marion Breeze (MM15601) Berlin Marathon

Photos and Post Credit; Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics Facebook Pages, Marion Breeze, Ron Edwards, Dan Smith, Steve Felson, Erika Hamel, Erica Sanders-Hurst, Jan H. Steenkamp, Jaime Wilson, Gilberto Sosa, Jolanta Thorburn, Carla Simon, Jennifer Clark, Melinda Langlois, Rowena Martinez, Jennifer Clark, Julia K Garling

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