20 Tales From Medal Monday Volume 2 Chapter 10

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

Robert Manon (MM6700, DA431, HF3646) -This morning I ran Day 2 of the Summer Camp series put on by Mainly Marathons. It was great seeing many friends I haven’t seen in quite some time. There were many also that I see regularly as well. This was my 27th state completed. I have 23 more states to go, on a goal that’s not really my goal. Haha. Congratulations to everyone!

David Grudzien (HF2764) – Another Half Marathon in the books! Completed Mainly Marathons Heartland Series (Day 7) in Waite Park, MN.

Amy Seagroves (MM15648, DA3652, HF12046) –Half #88 repeat state Mad Half in Vermont. This is a very hilly course with over 1000 feet of elevation gain. Between the hills, heat and humidity this was probably the toughest road half I have done. However it was well produced and had great scenery. I even saw some cows and horses. Very cute chicken themed medal and shirt. Also there is an extremely long time limit for the half. I’d recommend this for Vermont if you aren’t intimidated by hills and/or are looking for a back of the pack friendly race. I do not recommend this race if you are looking to PR

Katie Galvin (HF18478, DA3721, MM15882) – MedalMonday Not a new state but it was Half#40 for me on Saturday at the Lt. Michael P Murphy Run Around the Lake Half Marathon. I did this race a couple of years ago when they had to switch to a different park and change to a 15k because of covid guidelines at the time. I enjoyed the patriotic atmosphere then and wanted to come back when it was back to normal. It’s a mile out and back and then 3 full loops around Lake Ronkonkoma. I usually don’t like looped races but they had great volunteers at the aid stations cheering everyone on. Back of the pack friendly race because they start the 4 mile run/walk 2 hrs after the start of the half. You can also sponsor a military runner and earn a challenge coin. It’s a no frills race but a bbq after with hot food and beer after, and free pictures. Overall, it is a nice race if you are looking for a NY race.

A few of the Fanatics running and/or volunteering at the Hometown Half Marathon in OKC today!

Randy Riley (MM14470, DA3218, HF16432) – Revel Rockies Half Marathon Denver CO. A new state and my 3rd half in 13 days. I expected to be faster on this very easy course but breathing wasn’t as easy as I expected starting at over 7500’ elevation. It was still good enough for a 3rd place AG. The airline delay out of Cleveland was longer than it took me to run 13.1 miles. We had a large group of Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics. The picture features only a few of the Fanatics. The rest were in the porta lines. Thanks to Randy Brinkley for the photo. A quick shower after the race then drove across the state to Montrose to visit family. #medalmonday REVEL Race Series

Dailyn Valdez (MM15916, DA3732, HF18660) & Tony Valdez (HF18746)

Denver Colfax Marathon was a good one ! Temps were perfect. Slight elevation was rough for this Texas couple😞 Very scenic running through the downtown nice neighborhoods by the river and by the streaming canal. A bit smoggy covering the Mountains 😞 Was super fun going through the Denver Bronco Stadium and also the Denver fire Station. The half marathon for Tony Valdez got to run through the zoo. Bonus medal for completing another marathon this year plus Colfax. The Medals and shirts are high quality. #MedalMonday #state13 #marathonmaniacs #DoubleAgent #halffanatics #50statesclub

Sameer Khurana-(MM13642, DA2835, HF15807) – Sierra Azul Trails Challenge ~ 20 Miler! It was a tough and challenging course at Quicksilver trails with total elevation of 3871 feet as per my Garmin watch but it’s supposed to be 4318 feet as per the race website. The course was out and back and it was mainly challenging after hitting the 2nd aid station at 6.5 miles when it got hot due to open and bare areas with hardly any shade. Also, the elevation got steeper with higher grade till I hit the 3rd aid station at 10 miles. The views were majestic at the higher elevation and could see running above the clouds with a view of the San Jose downtown skyline. Kept my nutrition in check especially the hydration part as it was getting really hot. On the way back, I hardly saw any runner in front or behind me so was pretty much solo 10 miles run from turn around till finish line. It was a great experience running on these trails for first time and had good time overall! Half# 75 and my 6th Half+ distance of 2023 in the books!

Eddie Hahn(MM184)– Shoreline Marathon. Ventura California US yesterday.

Brenda Folkerts (HF18068, DA3674, MM15695) – Sasquatch Double: Mount Rainier Half Marathon & 5K

Jill Crawford (MM9038, DA701, HF4724) & Scott Crawford (MM6230, DA2658, HF15523) – Mainly Marathons Summer Camp Sauk Rapids MN both of us ran marathons today 7/16/23

Olivia Medina (MM7842) –Maniacs at the Mad Marathon today. What a tough yet beautiful course! I had a rough time not being able to keep fluids down had to be cleared by EMT, then got a large painful blister which slowed me down even more. Luckily I was picked-up by the Sweeper, Aubrey, who gave me company and motivated me to finish. First time and hopefully the last time finishing last. A painful yet gorgeous 7.5 hours. Thanks to the maniac who gave me a GU gel while I was under EMT care and to the maniac that flagged EMT down. Fun Times! It was great chatting with Steve and Kim. Meeting amazing people…one of the perks of being part of this great club.

Amy Lambert (MM12758) – Medal Monday
We did the Run for the Stars 12 hour in Corydon, IN. Marathon or greater #174. We love fixed time events, just come on out and do what you want. My husband walks so i spent most of the night walking with him but i ran a bit too. Hot, humid, with rain on and off. My first half mile crushed granite flat course. Hmmm, i prefer trails but July is a difficult month for fun

Runner Mike Hk (MM3337) – Gold Coast marathon Australia

Rick Albanese (MM11181)-Did not get a chance to post earlier but this is Broken arrow triple crown award(s). 3 woodallions get removed from their individual lanyards and then get pressed into this special frame they give you on day one.

Eddie Hahn(MM184)-Marathon Maniac, Emil Cheng, myself, fellow Maniac (1176) and ultra marathon friends Sally and Tracy in Orange Curtain Cerritos California Ultras and marathon….. ,
Below center: A first time marathoner at 17!! (I was 6 weeks under 19 wen I ran my first.) Very bold considering the ultra-style aid station placement: 3.1 miles apart. Forgot Maniac Rule “Know thy course” on the 1 x 2 K , 4 x 10K out and backs.
I turned around at the aid station-on the first 10K out and back and a couple runners shouted to me.
Since there was a transcriber about .15 beyond the aid station at the actual turn around who was taking numbers, I am glad I doubled back, or I may have been forced into a 50K to get marathon credit!

Lisa Brookover Moore (HF9134)– medalmonday Half marathon finished in 49th state,, #88 lifetime done at the Mesa Falls Half Marathon in Ashton, ID. Scenic, hilly course starting on hard pack/gravel for 3 miles, paved road with long steep hill miles 4-7 with some traffic, diverting to paved roads between farmland and ending on the high-school track. Course is well marked, water, Gatorade, fruit, granola bars porta potties about every 3 miles. Most of the course is in full sun. Post race food featured water, Gatorade, melons, granola bars, chocolate milk. Bling included a long sleeve tech shirt and wooden medal. The drop bags were actual potato sacks. This event also featured a full marathon, 10k and 5k and funds the high school cross country team.

Sue Stevens (HF8593, DA2452, MM12891) – On Saturday I ran my first race as an American citizen at the Olympia Lakefair Half Marathon. It was a hot one, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Michael Neff (HF18434) – Shoreline Half Marathon, Ventura CA. I took first place in the Male 70-74 age group, while my fiancé took 1st for her age group in the 10K. It was a fast fast course and perfect weather, but the course was not measured accurately. Strava showed 13.3 miles!

Charlene Mercer Board (HF7024) – Saturday I ran (Medal Madness Squirrel Half Marathon) my 101 Half Marathon in Wilmington, NC, my husband and I came here to celebrate our 38th anniversary and I found this race. It was pavement and trail plus extremely HOT! It was a small race mostly 5&10K but there were just a handful of us doing the Half(I was the only female doing the Half so I won everything) age group, 1st place ever for me! Then back to the hotel to take a nap and finally we made it to the Beach 🏝️
Half Fanatic #7024 it’s a WINWIN weekend for us.

Lindy Baker (HF18487) – Mt. Rainier Half (& 5K), my final of 4 Halfs in 37 days to qualify for Saturn 🪐

Heidi Marie Hammond (HF18098) – My first 25k trail race at Waynesville, Ohio. First place AG. I Run4 Luke ❤️

Teresa Clark Vincent (HF16573) – RSD 2960 – Vacation Races Sasquatch Double ✅ 5k on Friday night and Half Marathon on Saturday morning.
Half 39 and new state 33 (Washington) . #VacationRaces #streakrunnersinternational #runeveryday #GVRAT #goodrsunglasses #seenonmyrun #RunVentures #runningnomad6815

Christopher Ebright (HF17313) – State 38 done! Vermont Mad Half was hot hilly and humid!

Sameer Khurana-(MM13642, DA2835, HF15807) – Brazen Racing Dirty Dozen XII (3 Hours Timed Race)! After running this race last year with so much fun and 2nd place overall Male podium finish, I decided to repeat it again this year.
Came up with my plan to run the same timed event of 3 hours like last year and try to run either the same distance or maybe little bit more.
Last year I ran 19.37 Miles by doing 5 big loops and 6 small loops but this time, I was able to run an extra small loop to increase total distance to 19.79 Miles with my new course PR and retaining my 2nd 🥈 overall spot! Missed the 1st spot by 2 small loops.

Chad M. Noblett (HF18764) –A tough one in the books.

Photo and Post Credit Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook Pages

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