A Glimpse of Heaven…A Taste of Hell at the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run

Gysel Parajon (MM8995, DA3751, HF18751) –I’m a little late on my Medal Monday, or Plaque in this case, post but here it goes! What an incredible day Saturday was… Where to begin? Two and a half weeks ago I previewed a good portion of the course on a training run for my first 50 miler and realized I was in over my head trying to run the 50 mile course, or rather the 56 miles advertised on the website. So, I downgraded to the 60K, as it would be close to 37 miles and I have run that far in the past. So, I was mentally prepared for that but in actuality the race ended up being closer to a 65K, just shy of 40 miles!!

The first two thirds of the race were gorgeous, challenging, and fun but that last third was where the course truly kicked my ass, running on single track trails made for mountain biking, especially since I wasn’t expecting extra miles. Throughout the day I had gut issues on top of my lady time, which I find isn’t spoken about much, but made my time at each aid station lengthy. But, regardless of that I kept on going even when I couldn’t see the end in sight, quite literally.

I am incredibly grateful for all the wonderful, beautiful souls giving their time, energy, and support at each aid station. I have never experienced such care from strangers. They truly kept all of us runners going. A sincere thank you goes out to them. And a deep thank you to my friend, for welcoming me back to the finish and taking care of me there. It meant so much to see and spend time with a familiar face at the end of my 15 hour day. And after all of that I am of course looking to see if can tackle a 46-miler in a few weeks, lol… Anyway here are some photos of my day running and speed-hiking on the TRT.

Photo and Post Credit Gysel Parajon

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