10 Short Stories from Medal Monday Volume 10

Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 recent stories from the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, as told by you, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages.

The 2021 Williams Route 66 Marathon/Half Marathon group pic at Maniac Corner pre race. Tulsa, OK. Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics and 50 States Marathon Club.
November 21st, 2021

Moni Frith (HF16937)

My first half since the pandemic.
This was my lifetime 50th half marathon.
HF# 16937 Little Rock Marathon Weekend

Katina Green (HF#12236, MM#155380, DA#3564)

No medal for #MedalModay, since they didn’t make it Tulsa, Oklahoma in time from Long Beach, CA…..Nonetheless, another 13.1 miles (HM #70) in the books, after knocking out the Route 66 half marathon on Sunday. It was a hilly course, especially the first few miles, but fun nonetheless. I enjoyed the southern hospitality and friendliest of the race organizers and locals, as well as engaging with fellow half fanatics/marathon maniacs in the Maniac Corner/VIP area, pre-race. Overall great time in Tulsa.

Suzie Coker (HF11134)

Route 66 waiting for the cargo ship to unload them 🤠#HF11134

Andi Blaylock (HF18002)

Adding another Route 66 Marathon(No) Metal Monday post. Before and after… The six shots I had on the course didn’t help ease the pain of those hills! 🤣🍻I followed advice to not PR this one and just have fun.
I was at Urban Bourbon last month and I’ll give this race props for on-course spectator and volunteer support (did I mention the shots?) but UBHM still wins out for the post-race party.
Also glad I inadvertently stumbled on the Greenwood District near the expo. Very powerful.

Jen Merkel (HF18545)

My first #medalmonday as a half fanatic!!!

Lisa Wiedower (HF16948)

Leveling up weekend in Cotter, Arkansas for the White River Half and Tulsa for Route 66! Very different courses and temps, very nice folks at both. Waiting on that ship to unload Route 66 medals…

Jennifer Cain (HF17893)

MedalMonday is #NoMedalMonday this time (at least for now!)— but we did get free race photos so….. good trade.

Tabitha Mayers (HF13652)

Happy Medal Monday from Coastal Virginia

Maria Gorton (HF4613 DA1401 MM9000)

So great to see you all!! What a beautiful day at Harbor Half Marathon in Norfolk, VA. 🙌🏼

Photos and Post Credit; Randy Brinkley, Katina Green, Moni Frith, Suzie Coker, Andi Blaylock, Jen Merkel, Lisa Wiedower, Jennifer Cain, Tabitha Mayers, Maria Gorton

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