Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Abbi Beuby Auger (MM5102, DA225,HF933) & Glenn Richardson (MM14162, DA3076, HF16007)

Glenn and I ran the rim 2 rim 2 rim at the Grand Canyon yesterday (September 23) . Our only 2 goals were to finish and have a good time, we succeeded!
We ran from the cabins at bright angel lodge to the south kaibab trail head, about 4.5 miles. Then headed down the south kaibab trail to phantom ranch. We ran the north kaibab trail up to the north rim, passing my sister and her group. They were doing rim 2 rim. Then we returned to phantom ranch taking the bright angel trail back to our cabin. It was 50 miles exactly, 12,000 feet of elevation and took us roughly 17 hours, 45 minutes. I have over 175 photos, so we took our time and enjoyed the sights. Oh, it rained about 50% of the time! Burr.
It’s been a truly epic week!
Here’s a few photos from run. I’ll put together an album for those who want to see all the pictures later.

Photo and Post Credit Abbi Beuby Auger & Glenn Richardson

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