Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Abbi Beuby Auger (MM5102, DA225,HF933) & Glenn Richardson (MM14162, DA3076, HF16007) Glenn and I ran the rim 2 rim 2 rim at the Grand Canyon yesterday (September 23) . Our only 2 goals were to finish and have a good time, we succeeded!We ran from the cabins at bright angel lodge to the south kaibabContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rim to Rim”

Vacation Races Saguaro Half Marathon

Tina Torun (HF16109, MM15672, DA3665) – Medal Monday Saguaro Half Marathon in Tucson, AZ this past Saturday was a very challenging half with mixed terrain. First 7 miles or so on roads with rolling hills and then the next 6 miles was on single track trails, sandy trails, few rocky trails. The finish line areaContinue reading “Vacation Races Saguaro Half Marathon”

Running the Rock n Roll Arizona Half

Katie Galvin (HF18478, DA3721, MM15882) – #medalmonday I had a great time completing the Rock n Roll Arizona 5k and Half Marathon this weekend. Half #34 and state #22 for me! A little stressful ahead of time when I found out that they didn’t complete the transfer of my registration from the canceled Atlantic CityContinue reading “Running the Rock n Roll Arizona Half”

Pacing At The Buckeye Marathon

Robert Manon (MM6700, DA431, HF3646) – Ran the Buckeye Marathon this morning. It was my 1st time being a pacer. It was very stressful for me all week thinking about it. I would pick people up and lose people as they would eventually drop. The last lady I picked up with a few miles toContinue reading “Pacing At The Buckeye Marathon”

200 Miles at Across the Years

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789) – 31st marathon/ultra marathon finished lifetime on Tuesday and 6th overall race have ran in and finished 100 miles or more in. I still am not ready to go back to real world yet, and yeah am still tired and laying in bed recovering but two days ago I finishedContinue reading “200 Miles at Across the Years”

Run Family in Mesa, AZ

When our run family gathers, we like to do a “Family Photo” if we can. The Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic Run Family can be found at races all over the country. They took a quick photo before the Mesa Marathon/Half Marathon in Mesa Arizona on February 12, 2022 Photo Credit Andrew Zgrabik

#Bucklebling in Buckeye

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789) Long post I think am feeling well enough now my head and brain are clear enough to post that I finished my 3rd lifetime over 100 mile race this morning and 10th overall ultra marathon and if count ultras and marathons both marked my 28th lifetime marathon/ultra finish, only thingContinue reading “#Bucklebling in Buckeye”

Gilbert Half Marathon

Rachel Ross HF6506 I had a good time today at Gilbert Half Marathon in Gilbert, AZ. The event also included a 10K which joined in midway through the half marathon course.Some history of the race: The Gilbert Marathon is a dream built by the founder of the Shun the Sun Foundation, Dr. Gregory S. Allen.Continue reading “Gilbert Half Marathon”