Pacing At The Buckeye Marathon

Robert Manon (MM6700, DA431, HF3646)

Ran the Buckeye Marathon this morning. It was my 1st time being a pacer. It was very stressful for me all week thinking about it. I would pick people up and lose people as they would eventually drop. The last lady I picked up with a few miles to go said if she could stay with me she would PR. I was her cheerleader for 3-4 miles, when we got to the 26 mile marker, I told her to empty the gas tank and go. I yelled and cheered her on to the finish. There might have been a tear shed on my part because old age has made me a softy. Haha.
249th lifetime marathon/ultra for me. Congratulations everyone!

Photo and Post Credit Robert Manon

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