#Bucklebling in Buckeye

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789)

Long post I think am feeling well enough now my head and brain are clear enough to post that I finished my 3rd lifetime over 100 mile race this morning and 10th overall ultra marathon and if count ultras and marathons both marked my 28th lifetime marathon/ultra finish, only thing missing on this buckle is the 100 number itself which is kind of sucky but an easy fix as I can get help wood burning the number and year on the buckle .

Did the Fat Ox 48 hour race which started Friday at 8 a.m. and ended this morning at same time at Nardini Manor in Buckeye. I ran/walked 106.57 miles in time which pretty close to the 106.7 I ran in this same race two years ago to earn my 1st overall 100 buckle .

It isn’t always easy running these things because on top of the strength it takes to do them I also have autism and physical challenges and other neurological issues to where I can’t always think about the things am doing during or after race to take care of myself enough but luckily I have people always looking out for me in these things like other fellow ultra runner who told me to rest when was at mile 92 because I looked so fatigued which a person like me with autism doesn’t have feel or notice those things because am always focused on the races themselves which helped me as I did just that for 30 minutes during race and then was up and running/walking pretty good the rest of race to get 14 more miles in when wasn’t sure during that low moment if would be able to make up time.

Now been trying to relax and sleep and take in food as my muscles have been spasming and shaking and been feeling chilly signs of muscle fatigue after race. Also another thing after these races I always have to remind people I don’t always have the best thinking brain either or comprehend or understand what people ask after I run this long because my brain too is fatigued luckily still had a good enough mind to take my seizure meds during this race as I run these long races and have a history of epilepsy but has been controlled for last couple years with meds or should say for last 9 years except when miss enough doses.

Like other runners I seem to do well with guides or pacers in this races too or other fellow runners helping me as these faster runners having pacers give me motivation to try to keep up with them hence after I reached 100 in this one I was going to just do the other miles as fun miles but decided to challenge myself and do some sprinting as had some energy left in tank at end too.

Photo and Post Credit Carla Simon

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