200 Miles at Across the Years

Carla Simon (MM14304 DA3133 HF13789) – 31st marathon/ultra marathon finished lifetime on Tuesday and 6th overall race have ran in and finished 100 miles or more in.

I still am not ready to go back to real world yet, and yeah am still tired and laying in bed recovering but two days ago I finished run/walking over 200 miles in the Across the Years 6 day race in Arizona.

This was my first 200 mile buckle earned.

There were a lot of low points during time I was running where wasn’t sure would make it as I had tendon issues, my energy levels weren’t always there.

But then I had some high points or something happened to where I got in this zone. I stayed focused and was really running to the point people were calling it an awesome comeback.

Well when you have autism like I do it can be a benefit in these things because when you want something you can really stay focused on it even if it was rainy some of the time and got muddy and yeah had sleep deprivation too from staying up through night to get miles in as well I still got it done.

This marked my 6th race have ran over 100 miles in or more so now have 6 ultra marathon buckles but this was my first 200. Anything is possible.

Now being I did this much I feel more confident about doing and finishing my first full ironman in November way less of distance too, lol. I recommend this race though it wasn’t my first time doing it as in past have done the 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour races throughout the years.

They have warming tents and sleeping cots to rest in, aid stations are high class and they even have on site showers to take showers in as venue is around a major league baseball spring training facility.

Photo and Post Credit Carla Simon

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