Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon (River Road) — Joanne Blatchley — HF14845

Ran the Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon (River Road) in West Virginia this weekend.
Overall I give this race πŸ‘πŸ‘.

This race has 3 options:
Double half marathons (full)
Blackberry Mtn half marathon
River Road half marathon

Packet pick up was easy and held at the high school in the next town over in Belfry, KY. It was pretty well run and the packet pick up ladies were actually knowledgeable and able to answer my questions about the race. The Expo really wasn’t what I would call an expo since there were only 5-7 vendors total but it was nice they had something at all.

The gentlemen in costume as Hatfield & McCoy were awesome fellas. Very nice and always willing to pose for a photo at the expo and at the finish line.

The signage for the River Road course was spot on and the water stops and local support was heart warming to say the least.

The course itself was decent. Mostly on paved paths or roads except for the mile of trail which was a bit muddy and the bridge near the golf course where you could feel every step taken.

The weather is what made this course challenging, at least for me. It was 98% humidity and I definitely felt it. Made it a little harder to get a breathing pattern down. I was drenched by the time I hit the finish line but at least I finished and have a new state to add to the list.

I was a little disappointed at the finish area. I had to go to the ladies to get my medal because they stayed under the tent. Gatorade and wet towels were handed out but that’s it; no banana and no finisher snacks.

There was also no signage as to where to go to pick up your mason jar which every runner receives. Add another level or disappointment that it was just a regular mason jar, nothing indicating it is from the race.

It is a very small town so lodging and restaurants are limited so plan early for reservations in 2022.

Photo and story credit Joanne Blatchley

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