Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon — Chuck Taylor — HF10903

Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon and 10K , Charlotte, NC Half Marathon No. 1️⃣3️⃣6️⃣

Trying to be regular has been quite a challenge these past 3 weeks with the hot half marathon in Maineville, OH; healthy achievement 5K last week in Charlotte and the Race today. The weather was overcast early and warmed up after 900 a.m. The swimming has been nice, which cut back on pounding streets and the heat. It felt good staying on the road to better health. Shouts, Hellos, Hey, Keep it up, Yeah Man were sooo good to hear from my Run Friends. Thank You ALL!! This was one of the larger Races in the area since Covid and hundreds of people did not come to run the Race from the 988 registered.

Photo and Post Credit Chuck Taylor

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