Pacing at the Carlsbad Half

Natalie Uyeno(MM15186, HF17314, DA3505)– Lifetime half marathon #240 is in the books! ✅ The In Motion Events Carlsbad Half was my 2nd lifetime half back in 2018. I was so impressed with the spectator support and course support that I fell in love with the city of Carlsbad and this race! ❤️Who would’ve thought thatContinue reading “Pacing at the Carlsbad Half”

Pacing in Atlantic City

Julia K Garling (MM3960, DA2566, HF15262) Marathon 275 is done & dustedNJ round IV checkAtlantic City marathon is not an easy race, while it’s a flat course, it’s one of the windiest course I’ve run. The pacing stick is crazy hard to hold for 5 hours straight in that kind of wind. But like IContinue reading “Pacing in Atlantic City”

Pacing the Kentucky History Half Marathon

Glenn Richardson (MM14162, DA3076, HF16007) I had the pleasure of pacing the Kentucky History Half Marathon 2:45 group on Saturday. We had great weather with lots of sunshine. My watch and the mile marker signs were not in agreement and I ended up about 30 seconds too fast. I was able to encourage a runnerContinue reading “Pacing the Kentucky History Half Marathon”