Pacing the Berlin Marathon 4:45 Group

JC Santa Teresa (MM1883, DA3285, HF17343) – MM paced the 4:45 group in Berlin. Glad to run with some of my MM friends! Hope to see some you in Chicago in two weeks! Photo and Post Credit JC Santa Teresa

Pacing at the Carlsbad Half

Natalie Uyeno(MM15186, HF17314, DA3505)– Lifetime half marathon #240 is in the books! ✅ The In Motion Events Carlsbad Half was my 2nd lifetime half back in 2018. I was so impressed with the spectator support and course support that I fell in love with the city of Carlsbad and this race! ❤️Who would’ve thought thatContinue reading “Pacing at the Carlsbad Half”

Pacing in Atlantic City

Julia K Garling (MM3960, DA2566, HF15262) Marathon 275 is done & dustedNJ round IV checkAtlantic City marathon is not an easy race, while it’s a flat course, it’s one of the windiest course I’ve run. The pacing stick is crazy hard to hold for 5 hours straight in that kind of wind. But like IContinue reading “Pacing in Atlantic City”

Pacing the Kentucky History Half Marathon

Glenn Richardson (MM14162, DA3076, HF16007) I had the pleasure of pacing the Kentucky History Half Marathon 2:45 group on Saturday. We had great weather with lots of sunshine. My watch and the mile marker signs were not in agreement and I ended up about 30 seconds too fast. I was able to encourage a runnerContinue reading “Pacing the Kentucky History Half Marathon”