Finishing Half 81 At The Denver Colfax Marathon

Katina Green (HF12236, MM15380, DA3564) – MedalMonday…knocked out HM #81 at the Denver Colfax Marathon event on Sunday. It was great weather with a pretty decent route of downtown Denver. Though, I would’ve liked if less of the course was in the City Park (zoo portion was fun) and included more of the downtown scenery.Continue reading “Finishing Half 81 At The Denver Colfax Marathon”

Pikes Peak Ascent — Eric Sessums -HF18457

I’ve been talking about Pikes Peak for about 6 months now. The week finally came!For reference, here’s the course. My friends have ran this race; both the Ascent & the Marathon. I am now convinced that I never actually understood just how hard it was. Don’t get me wrong. I knew it would be tough,Continue reading “Pikes Peak Ascent — Eric Sessums -HF18457”