Celebrating 200 Half Marathons

Gregory Rouson (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) -It’s fitting that my first half marathon ever (Memorial Day 2013) and my 200th half marathon this morning in Georgetown were both with Bishop’s Events. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s the way it worked out.Travis: I know I’ve given you no end of sh*t over the pastContinue reading “Celebrating 200 Half Marathons”

Georgetown & Carderock Charge

Gregory Rouson (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) – Lifetime half marathons #180 (Summer Georgetown Half Marathon last weekend) and #181 (Carderock Charge Half Marathon in Potomac, MD this morning)…DONE!!! #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354 #bishopsevents Photo and Post Credit Gregory Rouson

Run Family in Maryland

When our run family gathers, we like to do a “Family Photo” if we can. The Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic Run Family can be found at races all over the country. They took a quick photo before the Falling For You Half Marathon in Maryland on February 20, 2022 Photo Credit Dani Shown

October Maniacs and Fanatics Group Photos

Before we race, we like to do a “Family Photo” if we can. The following photos are of the Maniac/Fanatic Family during the First Weekend of October, 2021 Before the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon in Maryland At the Start of the Knoxville Marathon/Half Marathon Maniacs and Fanatics at the MO Cowbell Marathon and Half inContinue reading “October Maniacs and Fanatics Group Photos”