The Chessie Challenge at the Ocean City Running Festival

Katie Galvin (HF18478, DA3721, MM15882) –medalmonday Half#42 Completed the Chessie Challenge with the half marathon at the Ocean City Running Festival on Saturday. Not my favorite course but a pretty beach sunrise and another half completed ✅️ Could have done without the nasty sunburn though! 🥵🤷‍♀️

It was an inaugural race and they can’t control the weather so I didn’t think it was horrible but it’s not a favorite…
*pretty sunrise
*fun oyster shell medal that opens
*good traffic control crossing over intersections by local law enforcement and volunteers
*starting on Assateague Island
*late start for the half
*aid stations seemed spread out at inconsistent intervals
*very little shade which makes a hot day feel hotter🥵
*didn’t see the wild 🐎horses
*race photographers only in the last few miles when the sun was roasting me alive…. not pretty lol
I wouldn’t rule it out as an option if anyone needs Maryland and there is lots to do in Ocean City but hopefully they make some improvements and hopefully I learn to wear sunscreen 🤦‍♀️

Photo and Post Credit Katie Galvin

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