Revel Big Cottonwood – Julia K Garling 

Julia K Garling (MM3960) – Revel big cottonwood was my 16th marathon for the year, my 296th lifetime marathon, and my 33rd state for round 4 of the 50 states. It was amazing to see my running family again and even better to see them crushing it down that mountain. I have no idea how IContinue reading “Revel Big Cottonwood – Julia K Garling “

Celebrating 100 Half Marathons at the Battle of Fredericksburg

Congratulations to Jorgina Sanders (HF16456) & Krista Shuler (HF18241) who both completed their 100th half marathon at the 2023 Battle of Fredericksburg 5k & Half Marathon in Comfort Texas this past weekend. Jorgina Sanders (HF16456) – “Half #100 was amazing…The race director outdid himself by making us banners with our names in them.” Krista ShulerContinue reading “Celebrating 100 Half Marathons at the Battle of Fredericksburg”

Pacers Running DC Half Marathon

Gregory Rouson – (HF8068, MM12723, DA2354) – Lifetime half marathon #204 and Pacers Running DC Half Marathon #1…DONE!!! We got lucky with the cooler weather and flat course. This was my fastest half since June and the last medal that I’ll have around my neck until the Berlin Marathon next Sunday. 🤞🏾✊🏾 #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354Continue reading “Pacers Running DC Half Marathon”

Finishing the Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series

Kelli Cardaras (HF12510) – Medal Monday! Long time no post…I finally got around to running another (official) half since before the pandemic!The Air Force half marathon, immediately preceded by the 10k…And the 5k the night before…talk about sore! 😂 It’s good to finally be back at it!Next half: Marshall University in November. Photo and PostContinue reading “Finishing the Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series”

Enjoying the Views at the Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Tiffany Kehoe – (HF18768) – Bird in Hand Half Marathon-This was an absolutely beautiful race. I really loved the views and would highly recommend this race.I didn’t find the course all that challenging. This race is mostly rolling hills. There are a few more challenging hills, but nothing overly taxing or unusual for a halfContinue reading “Enjoying the Views at the Bird in Hand Half Marathon”

Getting the Boston Qualifier at Tunnel Light

Jessie Abraham – (HF9690) – I did it! Finally BQ’d at the Tunnel Light Marathon on Sunday. Fingers crossed that I get accepted to run the Boston Marathon and collect that 6 Star Medal. 🙏🏾🤞🏽🦄⭐️ Photo and Post Crédit Jessie Abraham

A Great Day at The Orca Running Craft Classic

Andrea Eason (HF16779) – A great race day at the Orca Running Craft Classic for half marathon number 69! This is the end of a training cycle and I was less than a minute from PR’ing but knew to kept it easy with more races coming up. Super happy with my results today because it’sContinue reading “A Great Day at The Orca Running Craft Classic”

All That Training Pays Off At Revel Big Cottonwood

Gysel Parajon (MM8995, DA3751, HF18751)– Happy Medal Monday!!! On Saturday I ran the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon almost non-stop, which is something I haven’t done in some years. I have been consistently running daily, including very short distances on “rest” days and the training is paying off! I bested my last marathon by 27 minutes!!Continue reading “All That Training Pays Off At Revel Big Cottonwood”

The Tunnel Light Marathon

Anne Noble – (MM15938) – Medal Monday, but medal order delayed! 39th full marathon done! 18th state! Stephen Noble dropped me off at top of some mountains so I could run down it, while he went to golf, again. 😂 That course is a tad harder than than I think they market it to be,Continue reading “The Tunnel Light Marathon”

Welcome to the Club Sarah!

Sarah Modlin (HF #18797) – I just joined the club and I can’t wait to contribute! I just wanted to share a short story/milestone! I ran my first half marathon 2 years ago while I was living in Philadelphia, PA (even though I currently live in Morgantown, WV)! It was the Philadelphia Distance Run on 09/19/2021Continue reading “Welcome to the Club Sarah!”