Garmin KC Marathon. Medal Monday, right?

Randy Woodward (MM15271) – Medal Monday, right?
Completed the Garmin KC Marathon.
It started off really well. My left knee became uncomfortable around mile 8. Then it became ugly and irritable at mile 11. Wasn’t a pretty second half, but we finished. After the finish line the knee hurt so much I couldn’t walk. One of the ladies from the first aid tent came to the rescue and helped me. We made it to the tent and iced the knee. Afterwards it was an extremely painful and slow two block hobble back to my vehicle.
Post marathon: Went straight to the emergency room at Kansas City VA. Could not put weight on the knee. X-rays, a shot of toradol in the butt cheek, leg wrap, pair of crutches, Rx of ibuprofen and out the door I went. Might not be ready for another marathon next weekend 😁
What a fun day 🙄
73 marathons completed
63 with flag
40 states, steady and holding

Photo and Post Credit Randy Woodward

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