End of the Road Half Marathon

Tiffany Kehoe – (HF18768) End of the Road Half Marathon and 4 miler- Waterfall, PA
Overall, this race was really enjoyable and astheically beautiful!
This race is a two day event. Both Saturday and Sunday offer a half marathon, and Sunday has a 4 miler. There is also an option to purchase a ticket for a movie night by the tunnel. I did not choose that option, so I cant offer much about it, but others seemed excited about it. I was told that they offer two days so that they can keep the races capped at 500 runners to prevent overcrowding.

The race was nicely run. There is an option for packet pickup the night before, or on race day. We were late for packet pick up so did race day, and it was fast and efficient. The race itself had adequate water stations, which had water, tailwind, gels and candy. The final station also had soda available (this was super clutch for me! 😁) The volunteers were extremely friendly, supportive and kind. The merch was cute and well made. I liked the shirt that they gave us for registration.

The course itself was interesting. There are two tunnels, which you run through twice. They require a headlamp, which is definitely needed. If you are sensitive to offensive language/images, this may not be the race for you. There is a ton of graffiti on the ground and walls. Apparently the artists in PA have an obsession with phallic images … 🤭 The course is also extremely uneven. As someone who is a fall risk, I did struggle a little with navigating it and I was slowed down. I was told that someone did fall last year. It was muddy AF, but not overly hilly or strenuous. It did have some incline but had a really nice decline.

I don’t have any cons about this race. I would suggest that they add more porta potties at the start as the line was very long.

And a big nod to whoever created the medal. It’s awesome and unique. It stands on it own, it’s big, it’s noticable, it screams “talk to me about running”! It’s fabulous.

Very back of the back friendly. The race had a 4:30 time limit, but they supported the folks in the back who needed a little more time. I would recommend this race, but avoid if you are clastrophic, easily offended, or can’t tuck and roll! 🤪
Happy running!

Photo and Post Credit Tiffany Kehoe – (HF18768)

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