The Passing of Regional Ambassador David Larson

From Jennifer Hickey, “MM/HM, It is with extreme sadness that I write to let you all know that David Larson (MM8051, DA3202, HF16996) passed away last night after a valiant battle with cancer. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting and knowing him were blessed for the time spent. … I am sure his family would appreciate a note or card expressing how much he meant to you. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. If anyone in the DC/VA area wishes in the next few weeks to gather for a run or a walk in his memory, reach out and we can organize. A veteran, a gentleman, and a friend.

From Christine Murasaki Ainsworth

I can’t even process my good Marathon Maniac friend, David Larson being gone, so suddenly, and so soon. :(( He passed away last night. He has been bravely and quietly battling Lymphoma since May 2022. He was so excited to win the first MIT Glass Pumpkin last week. I sent it to him but I beiieve he never got to see it. :(( I’m in total shock. My soul hurts. :(( I’m sure many can relate whether you knew him personally or have lost someone to cancer. Cancer has cruelly and prematurely taken an incredibly kind, caring friend, person of the highest character, a veteran and a true gentleman.

I knew and met him as a fellow Marathon Maniac. He loved to run, race, and organize group pics. I was fortunate to finally meet him in person in a group pic pre-race he organized. I ran the Baltimore Marathon in 2021…as part of my “3 marathons (Baltimore, Boston, & Atlantic City) in 8 days Maniac Blast.” He told me I was “completely crazy” but he totally understood.😉 Of course, he was a MANIAC !! It’s what we do. 🙂

As the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Ambassador for the District/Maryland/Virginia, he always posted about upcoming races/activities and was the first to encourage and congratulate runners on their running adventures and achievements. He ALWAYS found the time to encourage and support his fellow runners. He truly LOVED running and his running community. As runners, we tend to get got caught up in our # of races, times, pace, results etc.

BUT David enjoyed and appreciated the joy of running. He has also kindly supported all my charity runs/races over the years for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Mass General Hospital Pediatric Oncology, and Boston Children’s Hospital. He has also generously donated to many, many other runners’ charities. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers and send them a card expressing how much he meant to you. I’m sure it will bring them much comfort knowing how many lives he touched. Also please give back in David’s memory and support a charity with causes close to his heart…cancer and soldiers/veterans. When you go for your next run/walk or next race please dedicate those miles to honor his life. You will be sorely missed David Larson. :(( I ran Boston this year and Big Sur with his ribbon and sent it to him. I will once again run in his honor and he’ll make the journey with me again in April 2024.

Please dedicate a run or race in honor of a fellow Maniac and ambassador

Photo and Post Credit, Jennifer G Hickey, Christine Murasaki Ainsworth, David Larson

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