Running the Boardwalk at the Atlantic City Marathon

Merry Mullins-(MM15936) -Sorry I’m a little late for Medal Monday but late night flight got me. lol
Atlantic City New Jersey didn’t disappoint. The course was beautiful, we ran along the Atlantic Ocean on the broad walk which was amazing. The wind was a little crazy, I was certain at some point it would be to my back. Well that never did happen. The wind was switching directions as often as I was. lol. Still had a time of 4:50 which is under 5:00. This was my 5th marathon in 5weeks, 6 more marathons in the next 6 weeks and then I will take a few weeks off.
I found a few maniacs along the way and after the race as well. A few of them were finishing their 50th. This was my 35th state.
Next up, Marine Corps Marathon next weekend. Let’s Go!!!!

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