Running the Akron Half Marathon

Randy Riley (MM14470, DA3218, HF16432) –

Akron Marathon Half Marathon. Every year the people of the Akron Marathon put on an incredible race series with fantastic medals and so many amazing volunteers. Along the course Dr Britters Corrigan and I randomly hooked up with Dr John Zhao. They did not know each other before today. I found myself running with two specialists, a Pediatrician and a Urologist …and my medical knowledge is limited to trying to figure out a child proof cap! Dr. John entertained us with some great and truly inspiring stories. I wish I had met him the last time Dr Britters and I raced. After that race I ended up in emergency with kidney stones. It would have been nice to know who to make an appointment with😀. Also Half Fanatic Laurie Weiner joined us in the after party. And a shout out to Rizza Salvoro Durbin who saw me while she was waiting to run her relay leg.
Always fun to see my name on the pace car. For running the June/August/September series I received the extra medal and the medal hanger. Half Fanatics 100 Half Marathons Club #medalmonday.

Photo and Post Credit Randy Riley

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