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Laurie Weiner (MM15681, DA3668, HF9266) – Completed half marathon. # 142 at Akron Marathon in Akron, Ohio today! This is. # 1 of 8 in the next few months. The weather was spectacular with temps being high 50s at the start. There was a fog settling in the valley which made part of downtown Akron disappear on the way back across the Y bridge. I love this race so much that I had to switch work weekends to run this year. After running my last half marathon in Bahamas in 90 degrees, the drop in temps really showed progress from Summer training. I PR’d Akron 1/2 marathon by 8 minutes.
Saw so many friends and this is a big city feel in a smaller city. Great to see Randy Riley on the course and after the race.. #AKRONMARATHON, #medalmonday

Photo and Post Credit Laurie Weiner

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