Cedar Breaks at Night

Patty Bishop (HF12118) – A very exhausting experience. I drove 7 hours from sea level, then walk/hiked the Cedar Breaks Night Half Marathon at 11,300, which then managed to finish half #197 today in Brian Head, Utah… Photo and Post Credit Patty Bishop

Cedar Breaks Half

Dawn Larson (HF15613) -Cedar Breaks Half: This weekend, I flew to Utah to complete the Cedar Parks National Park Half Marathon. The race was put on by @vacationraces known for their epic runs in beautiful places.While you can fly I to St. George regional airport, I chose Vegas since its much more economical and aboutContinue reading “Cedar Breaks Half”

Deseret News Half

Jolanta Thorburn (HF18464)- Deseret News Half in Utah.State no. 18 in the books ✅ HM no. 29 The race itself was great, but I struggled a bit and I had to keep reminding myself I only just recovered from Covid. It was hot and humid, even though we started at 6am it was already 76FContinue reading “Deseret News Half”

200 Half Marathons Strong — Jennifer Clark — HF16743 – DA3643 – MM15623

Revel Big CottonwoodHalf #200 is in the books!!! Finally!!Revel’s Big Cottonwood Marathon and Half Marathon in Salt Lake City!! Revel Races began 9 years ago and Big Cottonwood was its first race. Since then they have grown to be the premier race organization for downhill courses!A point to point race, runners had to take buses,Continue reading “200 Half Marathons Strong — Jennifer Clark — HF16743 – DA3643 – MM15623”