Cedar Breaks Half

Dawn Larson (HF15613) -Cedar Breaks Half:

This weekend, I flew to Utah to complete the Cedar Parks National Park Half Marathon. The race was put on by @vacationraces known for their epic runs in beautiful places.
While you can fly I to St. George regional airport, I chose Vegas since its much more economical and about a 2 hour drive.

The race itself starts at the base of a ski hill, you take a ski lift up and run back to the start (notice I didn’t say back down, we’ll get to that). The race was a night run to see the meteor shower. 2 very unique things, so who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

The course is primarily a night run with rolling start times from 7pm to 6am, and is single track rocky terrain, with some very steep ups and downs. This course is not for the faint of heart with steep rocky climbs and decent, and often times on the cliff’s edge. This is 100% a trail run, so trail shoes are highly recommended (there’s one little strip of actual road to the finish).

The views even at night were absolutely spectacular! While it was by gar the hardest race I’ve ever done, I would still recommend it to someone looking for a challenge!

Photo and Post Credit Dawn Larson

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